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stfu ovaries! he's married to a very nice woman who I'm sure
would NOT appreciate the thoughts you are giving me >.< !!!
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Happy new years folks. Sorry it's so late, but I was at sis' house:P

That first line from first post of the month meme for 2010 )

year end meme 2 )

now I have to go before I kill the kids. SO glad for the long weekend *_*
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Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

1. I should be in bed right now, but I'm too happy to sleep
2. I love kids. even the demon spawn I take care of now, lol
3. I'm half-blind (possibly..not sure of the actual legal/medical status
4. I'm writing a book
5. I've made up my own language for the book
6. I have round-about 15 people calling me "mommy", rofl
7. I was oh-so-lucky enough to inherit my father's teeth.
8. I am blessed with my mother's good looks.
9. I love my mommy♥
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ganked from so many people, idek...

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

1. I miss you.
2. I miss you too.
3. I miss you, three:P
4. I'm sorry. A million times over, I'm sorry.
5. You were wrong, and you know it. Suck it up and just admit it already.
6. I'm sorry I'm such a bad student friend:(
7. I wish I could be the person that loves you the way you did/do me.
8. Can I have your babies? (10points if you can guess who I want to say this to XD)
9. You're a stuck up white broad that wouldn't know a good person regardless of their skin color or financial status if they came up and bit you on your ass. I don't know wtf God was thinking when He gave someone like mom a sister like you. Course then again, if the reason He did that was to make sure mom and her children didn't turn into such a douchebag, I suppose I can forgive Him.
10. I won't say you're wrong, but what you said is not excusable. not after everything I told you. I know you were PMS'ing, but it was still wrong.
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just keeping this short.

don't expect to see me around much, or, if I AM around, don't expect me to talk.

I found a friend from 20 years ago on my personal facebook.
he's the only friend I still have that knew me from before dad died.
he's the only friends I have that KNEW dad, etc.

when I found him, he told me that he had been about to hire a company to find mom and I.

his mom found out she had cancer and only about 6 months to live.
the phone number they had for my mom was disconnected.
they didn't have one for me, and I didn't have my real name on facebook, so they couldn't find either of us.
his mom died back in feb.

it's bad enough losing her, but that I wasn't there for my best friend? fuck.
and I was the one that got to break it to mom. double fuck.

yeah. I already told a couple of you, but now the rest of you know.

I'll be back eventually. not much choice. kattunlove doesn't go on hiatus just because time/life sucks ass.

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...I'm a dorky amount of happy right now, rofl.

went shopping (needed new shoes:S all I had were sandals, and I was NOT going to wear THOSE to a concert x_x) and found some treasures, lol.

♥ book: Memoirs of a Geisha
I saw the movie, but when I talked to Alexy about it, she told me some stuff from the book that the movie doesn't go into, so now I'm gonna go for the full story, lol. I have an hour and a half delay in Dallas, so I figure it'll give me something to do^_^;;

♥ book: The Three Musketeers
it's actually a mini version of the book, with lil illustrations here and there...I had a copy like this when I was younger, so when I saw this one, I snatched it up to read to Koda^_^;;

♥ record: Neal Diamond - Headed for the Future
present for mom, lol.

what's kinda funny is, I called her to see if she had ever bought the record player she had planned on getting, only to be told that NO, she doesn't have a new record player, and instead, in fact, has MY old one. -_-*
now, granted, it WAS her's and dad's first, but mom let me have it after dad died, so me = a lil peeved. Especially since I don't recall giving it back to her. -_-* I gave her the old records she had ASKED for, but I don't remember anything about my player >.<;;

so yeah. grr.

I PREFER high top boot like shoes, but the cheapest pair I found online were like $40 x_x soooo I went to payless. The shoes have pink on them, but it's not much, and I like them, lol.
reason this counts as a treasure: the shoes were marked $27.99. When they were rung up, they were $15. They weren't marked as 'on sale', but I sure as hell wasn't gonna argue, lol.
Now I just gotta break them in before the concert so I don't limp home, rofl.

perfume: Love Struck
perfume: Strawberries and Champagne

...they were cheap, but they smell good *_*

*twirls a lil*

yeah, a ridiculous amount of happy, rofl.

oh, and I have someone that will be staying with me at the hotel...Saturday night, anyway. she needed a room, was willing to split the cost with someone...I have a room with two beds, and I only need one:P

*dances a lil more*

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tomorrow is finishing up cleaning and packing, and then I'll be leaving Friday around 7pm, and won't be back online until Monday night~

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lol, okay, so only one pic came out good enough for me to share:

piccy piccy~ )

it was kinda fun though~ I missed this, but apparently I scared some people, muahahha. Kristy and Brian said they saw a bunch of kids run away or back up when they saw me. One group even crossed the road to avoid me, lmao.

we took a good number of pics, but the way the gown/sheet kept falling, it made it look like I had a pillow under it. -_-* I'm no skinny-minny, but this was just ridiculous.

everyone ADORED Koda. She went as Cinderella, and Kristy managed to get her hair to even do the roll thing right...people were giving her two big handfuls of candy when they saw her, lolol.

dunno yet if Kristy will let me put pics of her and Brian up, but they looked good too. (her = Kristy, not Koda...Koda is 100% off limits~)

*taps foot* hmph, nothing else to say dammit. but anyway. yeah, it was fun~ hot, but fun, lol.
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If you have younger loved ones that you know looks up to you a lot, hero-worships, loves you, etc, do this:

get a camcorder of some kind.
if you guys had a song they liked to sing with you, or some lil inside joke you had, record yourself singing it/telling the joke.
talk about random mundane things.
talk about some favorite memories.
make sure to laugh at some point.
be goofy.
be you.

don't worry about how silly you may feel just talking to a recorder. trust me. when you're gone, that "silly" recording will be all your loved ones have to remember your voice by. You can take a million pictures, and sometimes a single pic CAN say a thousand words...but sometimes the words need to be said.

More importantly, sometimes they need to be heard.

my father died 16 year ago.
I USED to have a clip of him singing a line from a song. maybe 10-15 seconds long at the most.
It's gone.
he used to have a song for all of his kids.
we'll never hear him sing our song again.
we'll never be able to sing along with his voice.

It was hard enough losing him the first time...but it feels like I've lost him all over again.

I don't remember the sound of his voice. his laughter. the random goofy things he would say...nothing. It's not even a whisper of a memory anymore...and there's nothing I can do about it.

So please...please do not put your loved ones through this. I'm begging you...don't.
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another piece of my childhood ripped away...

Tom Bosley
Mr. C


also updating with these pics, cause I don't think I ever posted them~
(I completely admit to only posting pics I don't think I look like a hag in XD)

pics from LA )

well, it's been decided about kattunlove. now just waiting for final approval on the actual post. this should be fun. I just hope we're doing the right thing:\

ah well, no use stressing about Jac said, que sera sera. I'm off to bed.
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*flails and squirms a lil*

probably not much cause for it, but ah well...


The big 2-0, lol. still dunno if he's going to Houston with me though:\

good and bad:

Kristy is gonna let me have my sundays again. I get to sleep as late as I want, but at midnight on sunday, I have to give her my keyboard and mouse, so she'll know I'm not staying up all night playing on the computer. I'm okay with that, sooo~

the other night, Brian was talking to me, and he MEANT to say "Kristy told me you...", but he said MY name instead. Kristy was right behind him. Yeah, he got smacked.

then tonight, Koda started to call her mommy my name. she's...not happy:\ obviously.

last night, we were looking at pics from when they brought Nathan home from the hospital, and Kristy said she just wished he knew his mommy. I told her he DOES know her...he always calls her "mama", and he looks at her when he says it. he also only gives his biggest smiles to her and to Koda. I get smiles of course, and I get laughs sometimes, but it's mama that gets the big big smiles.

she says she just needs a couple days alone with the kids, but when I pointed out that I'll be gone for a couple days in november, and maybe that will help, she says "no...he's probably going to go crazy while you're gone."


I feel guilty, not just cause of her, but Nathan too...cause, I mean, I love the kids, but I don't think of them as mine...not even Nathan who I HAVE pretty much raised so far. I hate that he's apparently looking to me as a "mommy", but I look at him like a nephew or a brother...:S

*sighs* I dunno. this really kinda sucks:\
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    Houston trip
  • buy concert ticket
  • book hotel room
  • buy bus ticket
  • find replacement babysitter

...shut up, I'm excited.

a lil sheepish/guilty too though...the only songs I have are:
my mp3
adjust the love
hey girl
body talk
change the world
christmas morning
keep it up

anyone wanna share some download links? :S
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took the golfcart to run over to the gas station a couple minutes ago, and when I came out to go back home, there were two younger guys (late teens to early twenties) in a truck near the cart...I started around the corner to go home, and I heard one of the guys hollering to turn on the headlights (just kidding around, not asshole-ish or anything), so I turned back around and pulled up to them:

guy: don't have any. don't you hit anybody out there!
me: I'm trying to get them to hit ME, that way _I_ get the money
guy: do you have a flashlight?
me: nope
guy: if I had one, I'd give it to you so you can flash people as you drive by
me: don't need a flashlight for that ;)
him: *jaw drop*
his friend: *laugh*
me: *turns around to leave again*
him: hey! how old are you??
me: old enough!
him: you're not!

on the downside, someone threatened to stab sis' hubby and burn down their store. and for once, it wasn't HIS fault...HE was actually being calm and nice! (there's video proof or I wouldn't believe it either!)

the guy was bowing up on sis, and his wife was calling her a liar...neither of those things are a good idea...especially with any of us around.

Bil normally would've beaten that guy down on the spot, in front of the guys' kids and wife. oikko would've sent sis upstairs to get Bil so he would beat the guy down. I...well, I'd better not say what I'd do...don't wanna leave any kinda evidence that might make it sound like it was premeditated ;)

OH, and I learned something useful about Texas law! it was a very bad idea for sis to have told me about it IS useful:D

when the guy threatened to stab bil, sis had her gun in her lap, cause the guy had already been giving her a hard time and making threats, so she was a lil scared (imagine that).

she told the policeman that if she saw the man trying to come back on their property, she was gonna shoot him. the officer told her that there's this stipulation (I think) called the "wall of seperation".

as long as there is something in between you and your attacker, whether it's a wall, or table, counter, etc., you canNOT shoot them. there HAS to be open ground between you and the person, cause then that person has nothing in their way to stop them from charging at you full tilt.

I told Kristy that that info is entirely too useful. cause I would tell the person "okay, hold on, gonna make sure you have a clear path here...*moves everything out of the way*...*checks for even the smallest pebble or dust speck* ...okay, we're good now." and then let them charge me.

I don't know if it applies to defending yourself with a knife/sword/dagger too though...if it does, then the only drawback to this is that if someone tries to break into the door here at OUR store? we have a chain lock. so I'd have to wait for them to break the door open before I can play "slice 'em, dice 'em" with one of the many sharp objects I keep nearby.

the original plan was that if someone tried to break through the door when I'm here alone/with the kids, I'd grab one of the swords bil gave me and stab through the gap.

now...:\ dunno.

also, they're apparently on the brink of getting fired. bil SERIOUSLY needs to learn to control his temper. *sighs*

*points up* that, btw, is why I've been MIA. too much family stuff going on that I'm not even gonna try posting about. just bear with me:\
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Brian, Kristy and I all agree...we're in love with an inanimate object.

what is it, you ask? a baby gate.

yes, you read that right. a baby gate.

Koda figured out how to open the old one we had, and she'd come running out of her room about 20 times a night for stupid shit, stalling bedtime as much as she could, and THEN, would get up at 6:30am (almost on the dot), and go running into mommy & daddy's room to JUMP in bed with them.

and of course, she's 4, so she's a wiggle worm, and would twist and turn and kick her parents until they finally chase her back to her own room with a spanking.

THIS gate is too tall for her to climb over, AND...apparently hard to figure out, lol. you just push these two buttons at the same time and push down, but Koda hasn't figured it out yet, and it's been 4 hours, muahahahhaha.

we haven't had to chase her back to her room even ONCE yet *_* she is SEVERELY not happy.

Brian and I both agree we would almost have sex with this gate, lmao. Kristy says that's kinda scary, but then Koda failed to open the gate again and she broke out into the "omg-happy-happy-joygasm-joygasm" dance XD

*happy sigh*

on the bad note...talked to sis earlier, and bil's older bro Phil (who I also consider a brother/brother-in-law) has been in a car accident. we don't know HOW the accident happened, but he cracked/shattered one of his eye sockets in two different places, and had to have 23 stitches to close it up, and they still don't know yet if he's gonna need surgery or not.

couple bad things here about that, actually...

no one told his mother. when sis called her earlier to see if Mrs. J knew anything about how he was, she was completely in the dark. she asked sis how SHE knew about it...Phil's wife posted it on facebook.

didn't bother calling the man's mother, or any other family members. and then the woman was bitching about he wrecked "another fucking car", and how stupid he/it was, etc etc.

it's husband was just in a car wreck, and you're gonna bitch about the CAR?! how about being glad that the man is ALIVE, you idiot!


I mean, okay, yeah 6 cars in 4 years IS more than a bit much, but husband's life vs. car...hmmm, let me think here.

*shakes head*

took my blood pressure at walmart...systolic (sp?) was normal, but the diastolic (sp again) was high...not sure what that means:S also, not sure how accurate it was cause the cuff thingy pinched my arm, so I was wiggling...a LOT.

I need to make a mental note to call someone about that though:\ in the meantime, I'm staying on my aspirin regime. dad had high bp + blood clots (that's how he died...blood clot to the lung...what I'm scared of happening to me:S), and mom, I THINK, has low bp. so bad shit on both sides:\

at least mom's diabetes is getting better.

OH, and the dizzy spells she was having? the dr said she had water on the ear, so she's on meds now to fix it up:)

weather has been hell. literally.

today the expected index was 109, with some places reaching 112.

for those of you using celcius:
109 = 42.78
112 = 44.44

ugh. and no rain in sight either:( *sighs*

.....and now: bed time. x_x
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I wonder how badly I'm gonna get bricked for saying this...

IF Jin leaves KAT-TUN, and JE doesn't let him back, he could always join in with JYJ~

I'm thinking, possible name: JAY-J


(Jac is sooo gonna kill me for this one XD;; )
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this week...has sucked. majorly.

will explain that sometime later, but right now, I'm squeeing all over the place:



I was looking at something earlier, and suddenly I heard Koda: "he's c'awling, he's c'awling!!", turn around, and sure enough~

it was soooo cute! he was trying to reach her, I guess to play, lol, cause she didn't have any toys with her, or near her, but he was staring right at her, and moving his lil body just as much as he could towards her, lol.

called Kristy down so she could see, took a while, cause we were all squeeing, but once we stopped paying so much attention to him, he got his ass back up and crawled to his momma:D

....*squees some more*
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*ganked from [ profile] heyjude13*

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people(if you want). Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

*snorts* I'll use whatever damn name I want, lol~

1. What is your name: Anny
2. A four Letter Word: alas
3. A boy's Name: Andrew
4. A girl's Name: Adrianna
5. An occupation: artist
6. A colour: apricot
7. Something you wear: anklet
8. A food: apple
9. In the bathroom: air freshner, lol
10. A place: america
11. A reason for being late: accident
12. Something you shout: asshole!
13. A movie title: A walk to remember
14. Something you drink: apple juice
15. A musical group: adema
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"the babe with the power.
what power?
the power of voodoo.
who do?
you do.
do what?
remind me of the babe~"

*whines* I dun like this at ALL:

Issued by The National Weather Service
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
3:41 pm CDT, Mon., Jun. 28, 2010





I don't CARE if they only supposedly stay off ground and don't hang around long....I DNFW!

*goes off to bitch at the clouds*


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