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ahaha, forgot to mention:X

I killed my cellphone ;_; well, not ME, actually, but anyway. it ended up in a puddle of water, and now it won't stay on unless it's plugged in. *sighs*

Luckily, straight talk had a couple free phone offers...all you had to do was buy a service card with it, so I got a pretty good one for only $30+shipping. I SHOULD get it on wednesday or thursday, so if you get a random text message, it's probably me:P

I'll also be posting the new address probably on wednesday when the net gets turned on at the old place~

...okay, NOW I think I'm done:P
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Last monday, I was sick as a dog all morning. YAY!

saturday, Koda dropped my e-reader. nothing appeared to be wrong with it, but now it won't take a charge. it doesn't even pick up that the charger has been plugged in. dunno if it was cause of the dropping or what:\

sunday, found out my friend Danny's younger brother is missing. their mother had a health scare, and he took idea where is:\

[ profile] lynn_viehl is mostly done. the layout, anyway. still gotta make the mod posts, tags, and the profile, but yeah...

need to do some work on klove too:\ GAH.

on the plus side though, I'm almost to 100~, have a young rich guy hitting on me on facebook, we're supposed to get some snow today (not sticking though:\), and Kristy is going to try and give me the monday after christmas off:D (basically, she's gonna stay down at the house unless Brian NEEDS her to come to the office. *happy sigh*)

also, she's gonna get me a heater for my room~ she found a pretty good one for 25$. I told her not to worry too much about it though, cause honestly, even when it's been getting down into the 30's, I've been kicking off my top blanket in my sleep, lol. I LOVE sleeping in the cold, so I'm good~ it's just frustrating when I'm trying to TYPE in the cold. which is why I'm stopping typing...NOW:P


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