Jun. 11th, 2012

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okay, tomorrow (today, monday, whatever), the sale on this place closes. Kristy is supposed to come home as soon as it's settled, and we'll finish up packing EVERYTHING except what we'll be sleeping in/on, and what we're wearing the next day.

Tuesday, I'll be going to the new house with the kids & Brian early EARLY in the morning. When the movers get there, I get to play traffic director, lol. We won't have any internet until sometime on wednesday though:\

we still don't have a home for my cats, but I'm gonna try and talk to sis tomorrow and see if I can convince her hubby to let her have Spiky. I THINK his big issue is any damage the cat does with his claws, but if I volunteer to keep them supplied with softclaws (claw cap things)...well, I can hope:\ in the meantime, pray that our friend's neighbour decides they want the kitties, preferably sometime today:S

On a potentially 'YAY!' note, Kristy and Brian might be letting me have their flat screen tv o.O Their new bedroom isn't big enough to hold what all they have in their current room, so it leaves us with an extra tv:P MY room comes with a built in work area that can EASILY be used as an entertainment center, so yeah:D

they're also giving me their extra microwave, for some odd reason o.O Apparently they think I'll be happier if I don't ever have to go upstairs except to take care of the kids, lol. I actually don't mind it either way, but *shrug*

prayprayprayPRAY that we find a home for at least ONE of the kitties:S
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ahaha, forgot to mention:X

I killed my cellphone ;_; well, not ME, actually, but anyway. it ended up in a puddle of water, and now it won't stay on unless it's plugged in. *sighs*

Luckily, straight talk had a couple free phone offers...all you had to do was buy a service card with it, so I got a pretty good one for only $30+shipping. I SHOULD get it on wednesday or thursday, so if you get a random text message, it's probably me:P

I'll also be posting the new address probably on wednesday when the net gets turned on at the old place~

...okay, NOW I think I'm done:P


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