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Brian, Kristy and I all agree...we're in love with an inanimate object.

what is it, you ask? a baby gate.

yes, you read that right. a baby gate.

Koda figured out how to open the old one we had, and she'd come running out of her room about 20 times a night for stupid shit, stalling bedtime as much as she could, and THEN, would get up at 6:30am (almost on the dot), and go running into mommy & daddy's room to JUMP in bed with them.

and of course, she's 4, so she's a wiggle worm, and would twist and turn and kick her parents until they finally chase her back to her own room with a spanking.

THIS gate is too tall for her to climb over, AND...apparently hard to figure out, lol. you just push these two buttons at the same time and push down, but Koda hasn't figured it out yet, and it's been 4 hours, muahahahhaha.

we haven't had to chase her back to her room even ONCE yet *_* she is SEVERELY not happy.

Brian and I both agree we would almost have sex with this gate, lmao. Kristy says that's kinda scary, but then Koda failed to open the gate again and she broke out into the "omg-happy-happy-joygasm-joygasm" dance XD

*happy sigh*

on the bad note...talked to sis earlier, and bil's older bro Phil (who I also consider a brother/brother-in-law) has been in a car accident. we don't know HOW the accident happened, but he cracked/shattered one of his eye sockets in two different places, and had to have 23 stitches to close it up, and they still don't know yet if he's gonna need surgery or not.

couple bad things here about that, actually...

no one told his mother. when sis called her earlier to see if Mrs. J knew anything about how he was, she was completely in the dark. she asked sis how SHE knew about it...Phil's wife posted it on facebook.

didn't bother calling the man's mother, or any other family members. and then the woman was bitching about he wrecked "another fucking car", and how stupid he/it was, etc etc.

it's husband was just in a car wreck, and you're gonna bitch about the CAR?! how about being glad that the man is ALIVE, you idiot!


I mean, okay, yeah 6 cars in 4 years IS more than a bit much, but husband's life vs. car...hmmm, let me think here.

*shakes head*

took my blood pressure at walmart...systolic (sp?) was normal, but the diastolic (sp again) was high...not sure what that means:S also, not sure how accurate it was cause the cuff thingy pinched my arm, so I was wiggling...a LOT.

I need to make a mental note to call someone about that though:\ in the meantime, I'm staying on my aspirin regime. dad had high bp + blood clots (that's how he died...blood clot to the lung...what I'm scared of happening to me:S), and mom, I THINK, has low bp. so bad shit on both sides:\

at least mom's diabetes is getting better.

OH, and the dizzy spells she was having? the dr said she had water on the ear, so she's on meds now to fix it up:)

weather has been hell. literally.

today the expected index was 109, with some places reaching 112.

for those of you using celcius:
109 = 42.78
112 = 44.44

ugh. and no rain in sight either:( *sighs*

.....and now: bed time. x_x
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still sick, but I have to share this:

wtf mom.. )

hey, my mom's not a player...she just crushes a lot.
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my mom just got back from visiting her sister (my aunt douche-bag), and, as usual sent out a mass email/newsletter telling us about the visit. Normally, I'm like "*headdesk*". I mean, I love to read and all, but...damn.

this time, however, she included a couple gems:

"which reminds me, i read something in readers digest while at marys that you who know me will get a kick out of (the ones who know i tend to speed). it seems that this grown daughter was riding with her mother who likes to speed and was pulled over by a policeman. the mother said to the officer, "well,officer, i ve never been pulled over like this before." he said, "how did they do it before, shoot your tires out?"

i laughed over that one for hours. i think i better start getting me a snappy retort just in case somebody decides to say this to me. i think i might say, "Oh, was that what they were doing?"
the other funny thing i read was about a lady in line waiting to get her picture back at the dmv. when they handed it to her she said, "This is a hideous picture. it doesnt look a thing like me." the woman behind her snatched it out of her hand saying, "thats because it's me." whoa!!!!"

*winces* ouch, for both of those women, lol.
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so long in between actual posts, I know, but the whole voice posting idea kinda got ganked when Nathan was born, heh.

rough update:

Nathan was born 3 weeks early.
DOB: November 13th, 2009
Weight: 5lbs 14 oz

I forget length, and what time, but I know it was after 5:30am. They made her wait cause Kristy had just gotten done eating dinner.

Poor Koda...she didn't understand why mommy wasn't coming home from work when daddy did. She's adjusted though. She LOVES her lil brother, it's so cute. She wants to hold him and feed him and burp him, etc etc.

Kristy was just about crying over how Koda didn't even hesitate to start loving on him. She was worried that, like most kids, Koda would get jealous of Nate getting all the attention. Instead, we just about have to keep her away from the poor baby, lol.

um, what came to visit. She's been here for almost 3 weeks, but she spent most of it as sis' house.

The one week she was here, she read through my book so far and...loved it. Strangely enough.

she's christian-christian (as I've mentioned before, lol), and I use language that she doesn't approve of, as well as the book itself being based off the theory that the bible isn't quite right, but...yeah, I was pleasantly surprised.

sis even heard her talking to her boyfriend and said that "it's almost impossible to write a book these days without using bad language, but the book is so good, you don't really think about the words being used! the dialogue and the characters are sooo well done.." etc etc. and mom has also apparently told one of my cousins that she loves it and thinks that it would easily rival Twilight and Harry Potter.

I'm...not sure what to think, heh. it's good to know I have her support/fandom, but at the same time Harry Potter? Twilight? (and how-tf did MY mother get into TWILIGHT, of all things?? though she says she only saw the first movie, and that's what she liked, but still...)

my brother and his wife came down from Oklahoma tonight, too. They're here to pick mom up and take her back home, but while they were here, we had a mini photofest for mom. She had us "girls" in matching shirts - which wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be...she actually picked a GOOD shirt! not one of those fluffy santa things *_* - and we took pics at IHOP, lol.

my finally taking steps to get closer, so I'm kinda happy with him. I like his wife, though I only got to meet her twice. She puts up with his bullshit, so she's golden XD

hmph, working on a layout for apop_newlooks (on livejournal). not much else to update on anyway:S
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they won't take the baby until 4 or 5am cause Kristy had just ate something before her water broke >.<

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okay, trying not to spazz too much, but Kristy left about an hour ago for the hospital.

She wasn't supposed to have her baby until the 24th, but her water broke tonight, sooo...

it's kinda funny, and I am SO glad I posted on twitter the way I did. sis and I both had been having dreams about Kristy going into labor early, and then today I just...I was in the living room, and I got the nastiest cleaning fit. I went in the kitchen and just...attacked it with a sponge XD;;

--update: Kristy just called. she didn't say whether or not they told her she's in actual labor, but they're gonna go ahead and take him tonight.


I'm so excited:D

on another note, I was telling mom what was going on, and then the convo turned into about her love life. she has herself a boi-toi, kinda, and wanted to know what I thought of it. so NOT a convo to be had at a time like this XD


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