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lol, okay, so only one pic came out good enough for me to share:

piccy piccy~ )

it was kinda fun though~ I missed this, but apparently I scared some people, muahahha. Kristy and Brian said they saw a bunch of kids run away or back up when they saw me. One group even crossed the road to avoid me, lmao.

we took a good number of pics, but the way the gown/sheet kept falling, it made it look like I had a pillow under it. -_-* I'm no skinny-minny, but this was just ridiculous.

everyone ADORED Koda. She went as Cinderella, and Kristy managed to get her hair to even do the roll thing right...people were giving her two big handfuls of candy when they saw her, lolol.

dunno yet if Kristy will let me put pics of her and Brian up, but they looked good too. (her = Kristy, not Koda...Koda is 100% off limits~)

*taps foot* hmph, nothing else to say dammit. but anyway. yeah, it was fun~ hot, but fun, lol.
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another piece of my childhood ripped away...

Tom Bosley
Mr. C


also updating with these pics, cause I don't think I ever posted them~
(I completely admit to only posting pics I don't think I look like a hag in XD)

pics from LA )

well, it's been decided about kattunlove. now just waiting for final approval on the actual post. this should be fun. I just hope we're doing the right thing:\

ah well, no use stressing about Jac said, que sera sera. I'm off to bed.
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My brother in law has been restoring old pics of his family and ours, and he sent me some pics of me from...years and years ago, lol.

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Have to brag about my mother real quick.

The reason I say "unofficial" foster sister is cause, while mom never got a license from the gov't, she never turned away a child in need either. Even when my parents had 15 kids living with them, and only 2 were actually THEIRS, they stuck with them.

My parents were on foodstamps planned to feed a family of FOUR. They made it work. MOM made it work.

she's one of the few people left that give christianity a GOOD name.


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