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I dun remember if I ever posted this before, but a couple years ago, when I was trying to sleep, all of a sudden "six twenty-four" popped into my head.

first thing I thought was that it was just what time it was. looked at the clock, and it was no where near that.

the second was 6/24...the date, and for some friggen reason, it just stuck in my head that I was gonna die on that day.

I even set my phone reminder for midnight and titled the reminder: "still alive?"

I didn't think about it last year, but this year...a couple days ago, I suddenly got the urge to tell Kristy, and now I can't get it out of my head.

I think part of this is all cause of the way my left arm went wonky on me last month. it doesn't help that it went REALLY wonky on my LAST NIGHT either. damn thing started going numb, and then right below my ribcage started hurting, and then the middle of my back, right between my shoulderblades.

looked up possible causes for things like that, and oh wonderful...

(stuff in bold is what I've had so far)

Squeezing chest pain or pressure
Shortness of breath

Tightness in chest
Pain spreading to shoulders, neck or arm

Indigestion or gas-like pain
Dizziness, nausea or vomiting
Unexplained weakness, fatigue
Discomfort/pain between shoulder blades
Recurring chest discomfort
Sense of impending doom

also, in my last post about the arm numbness...I said that if WAS my heart, that I would probably already be dead by now, but then I found this:
"Women's Heart Attack Symptoms Different from Men's
Symptoms may appear up to a month before attack"

it'll be the 24th in a lil less than 2.5 hours. I'm sooo not happy.

on the other hand:
bigfish sent me another game to beta:D

AND (and this is the awesomelyawesomeofallawesomeness part):

yeah yeah yeah, I'm a KAT-TUN fan, not a JIN-only fan, but this maybe the closest I get to seeing ANY of them live, so screw it.

1 > 0

he'll be in houston, which is a good 2-4 hour drive, but I'm hoping there'll be other people up this way that maybe we can all carpool/hotel room together if need be~

*crosses fingers some and does a lil dance*

dammit, I have to live past tomorrow or I'm gonna be pissed...course then again, I WOULD be able to see the show for free then :X


oh, and don't try to call my cell:S I couldn't reup my plan this month cause of my sister's dickiness. that story will come later:P....I hope:S
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a lot of work getting done on klove, finally, but this is kinda for my personal reference, so meh:

plane ticket: $388.40
paid so far: $100.00
amount left: $288.40

next paycheck:$188.40
may check: $100.00

though I may have to switch that around since I HAVE to get a new phone this month, and I have to give Kristy money to help with the renovation of my room, AND I owe her some money for the cab ride:\ so yeah, this is gonna be a fun month.
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You guys can ignore this:P

fmpr = for my personal reference~

book order:
If angels burn (michael/alexandra)
private demon (thierry/jema)
dark need (lucan/samantha)
night lost (gabriel/Nicola)
evermore (jayr/aedan)
twilight fall (jaus/liling)
stay the night (robin/cristobal, phillipe/shan, john/luisa?)

Kyndred Arc:
Shadowlight (forgot the names)

Aedan - ?
Alexandra - speedy hands & reads pyschpath's minds/thoughts
Angelica - shape shifter
Beatrice - tears/blood were poison
Beaumaris - ?
Cristobel - ?
Elizabeth - gives people horrible nightmares/daydreams
Falco - ?
Farlae - sees essences
Gabriel - controls insects (can see through their eyes as well)
Gawain - ?
Harlech - ?
Jamys - read minds. can also speak to people through mind
Jaus - no one can lie to him (requires touch)
Jayr - speed
Jema - invisibility
John - heightened senses, possibly healing?
Korvel - makes people want him (lust)
Kyan - elemental: water & wind
Liling - elemental: fire & earth, healer
Lucan - shatters anything solid
Melanie - elemental: storms?
Mercer - hypnosis (kinda)
Michael - can remove memories
Nicola - radar (objects & kyn), can hide scent
Nottingham - freezes anything
Phillipe - hypnosis
Rain - scent
Raphael - create bright light (temp. blinds people)
Richard - control anyone/anything with voice
Robin - calms people
Samantha - sees how a person died by touching their blood
Thierry - controls dreams (can dream walk)
Will Scarlett - ?


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