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Birthdate:Aug 30
Location:Texas, United States of America
"Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted;
persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished;
persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot."

~ Mark Twain

Pretending to be ( Anny )
driving people crazy for ( 26 ) years
wanders the streets at night in ( Ft. Worth )
Standing tall at ( 5'2" )
Holding hands with ( no one )
see her smile ( through the tears )

her family (sometimes) // her pets (( Fuzz [11/6/1992-1/8/2006], Spiky, Squall, & Shizuka)) // her fellow Gackt fiends (glomps) // her cd player // writing (too bad I suck at it...) // bois ( ;) ) // her bed // reading (book fiend, heh) // Lord of the Rings (*molests the cute lil elf boi*) // Harry Potter the third book was cool anyway..:P) // sims2 (I have 8 kids o.o) // waking up to see a hot guy in
her bed ))

people who don't understand that love doesn't care about gender, race, age, religion. \\ rude people \\
people that hurt others for fun \\ having to get out of bed in the morning \\ paper cuts \\ stupid people \\
insomnia \\ tv \\ phones \\ people that hurt my friends \\ when people talk to much \\ Bush \\ liars \\
headaches \\ hot weather \\ being bored

Yes, that's me. I'm short (hey!), short tempered (*flips you off* -.-), impatient (aren't you done yet?), arguementive (am not!), the biggest smallest dork you'll ever meet (and live to tell about it), and damned proud (so screw you hippy!).

My journal is friends only because...well..I wanted it to be. I'll take shit off of very few people, and those are also the people that I try not to give any shit to. I love my family, even when I talk bad about them. I'm lazy as hell, quite boring (if you ask me, anyway), immature more than half the time, and a lil over-mature the other half. Very protective of my friends, so if someone's bothering you that do NOT want dead, DON'T TELL ME ABOUT THEM. They WILL end up severely injured -.- I write poetry, but hate reading it. I've started writing fanfic, but I suck at that too. Slash/yaoi is good. *nods*...gotta problem?
direct it here:
/bitchy userinfo.

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Learn Japanese

KAT-TUN community founded by [info]i_n_q_u_e/[info]amestyle and myself.

Love these communities


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Gakkun is love, sex, really hot, Naked.

Kami is remembered love.

-hyde is love-

Tsubasa is Love

Tackey is Love
KAT-TUN is world-wide Love

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