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Last monday, I was sick as a dog all morning. YAY!

saturday, Koda dropped my e-reader. nothing appeared to be wrong with it, but now it won't take a charge. it doesn't even pick up that the charger has been plugged in. dunno if it was cause of the dropping or what:\

sunday, found out my friend Danny's younger brother is missing. their mother had a health scare, and he took idea where is:\

[ profile] lynn_viehl is mostly done. the layout, anyway. still gotta make the mod posts, tags, and the profile, but yeah...

need to do some work on klove too:\ GAH.

on the plus side though, I'm almost to 100~, have a young rich guy hitting on me on facebook, we're supposed to get some snow today (not sticking though:\), and Kristy is going to try and give me the monday after christmas off:D (basically, she's gonna stay down at the house unless Brian NEEDS her to come to the office. *happy sigh*)

also, she's gonna get me a heater for my room~ she found a pretty good one for 25$. I told her not to worry too much about it though, cause honestly, even when it's been getting down into the 30's, I've been kicking off my top blanket in my sleep, lol. I LOVE sleeping in the cold, so I'm good~ it's just frustrating when I'm trying to TYPE in the cold. which is why I'm stopping typing...NOW:P
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everything that I've done, I've done it for you

Kristy has...once again...pissed me off. at least this time, I'm not alone. even sis was like ", it's not just you. she was in the wrong here.", and usually takes Kristy's side on everything:\

fuck this. no more favors. )

on the plus side, we're FINALLY getting rain here! annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, I found Venus about a week or two ago:D well, Venus or Mars, but I think it was Venus cause of the size and color:P

I've also done my splurge for the month :S

Tamora Pierce - Mastiff (Beka Cooper series; book 3)
Rick Riordan - Son of Neptune (Percy Jackson series~)
Lynn Viehl - Nightshine (Kyndred series)

I have them all shipping together, so I don't think I'll have to pay for them all until the beginning of November~

hair sticks (cherry blossom, red phoenix & black cat/fortune)

Nathan likes to chew on my hair sticks, so I am down to ONE x_x these sets were only a dollar-something, so I snatched them up, lol. I LOVE the cherry blossom ones *_*

hjfkjs, it's raining *_* and 5:30am:X goodnight morning~:D

*dances off*
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okay, quickie update...I have old pics to post, but that'll have to wait for the weekend x_x

I am made of fail:
still undecided on whether or not I broke my toe, lol. I accidentally kicked the corner of the fridge about a week or so ago and my toe was NOT happy.

Kristy said she thinks it's broke; Brian said it wasn't...I'm beginning to think Brian might be right, cause I'm pretty sure a broke toe would hurt longer than this did:P


okay, to make this quick and easy, doing this partly convo-ish style:

Sunday night: us = severe thunderstorm warning + tornado watch
Brian went to park the van in one of the storage units to protect it from hail damage, and while he was out doing that, Kristy stepped outside to smoke and wait for him. (I forget what I was doing, but I was in the kitchen and I heard Kristy call me.

Kristy: "If I say grab the kids...GRAB THE KIDS!"
Me: um....okay...why, what's wrong?
Kristy: I think that's a fucking tornado!
Me: WHAT?! *runs looks*
Kristy: *points* That looks like a fucking TORNADO!
Me: ...fuck.

I cleaned out the closet in Kristy's room and piled couch cushions, my mp3 player (with radio), flashlights, and our e-readers (to keep updated on the storm in case we had to bunker down), my phone and blankets.

then I was trying to figure out how to make sure Koda would go to the closet if we needed her to without fighting or freaking out, and..well, I r smrt:D

she was still awake through all this, so I went over and told her "we might be playing hide-and-seek in a lil bit, if mommy says it's okay, and I know the PERFECT place to hide~ So if mommy says we can play, I'll come in and get you and baby brother, and we'll all go hide, okay?"

it worked, so yay for that, lol, but even MORE yay...the funnel cloud went back up:D as far as we know of, it never touched ground, so it wasn't officially a tornado, but it was damn near close enough for me. -_-*

we were also apparently the only ones that noticed it...well, Denise said she thought she saw something, but wasn't sure, so we might have one other person, but either way, NOT happy.

I ended up barely sleeping at ALL that night. I told Kristy that I had barely slept and asked if she could come home when Denise came into work so I could try and get a cat nap. She wasn't happy, but she understood that I had been too jumpy to sleep that night and was glad that I told her instead of just playing it off, so she came home and I napped from about 11 til 2 *_*

she kinda pissed me off afterwards though...I get weather alerts on my phone for severe stuff, and when I woke up, there was a severe thunderstorm warning, so I got on the comp just long enough to check the weather/radar, and then went to get my "inside" clothes on. (Brian's allergic to the cats, so I have to change clothes going from my room to the house -_-*)

she asked if I got any sleep, told her yes, and then she says " were playing on your computer."

...I used to go a couple days with very little sleep and still be able to function properly...if I'm tired enough to ask Kristy to stay home cause "I *NEED* sleep", I am NOT going to waste time fucking around on a computer. I am going to get my ass in my BED and take a dhfsk damn NAP like I SAID I was gonna do!


...okay, and now, goodnight:D

AND my xenosaga games:D Now I just need controllers
and I want Final Fantasy 10 & 12 *_*

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Brian, Kristy and I all agree...we're in love with an inanimate object.

what is it, you ask? a baby gate.

yes, you read that right. a baby gate.

Koda figured out how to open the old one we had, and she'd come running out of her room about 20 times a night for stupid shit, stalling bedtime as much as she could, and THEN, would get up at 6:30am (almost on the dot), and go running into mommy & daddy's room to JUMP in bed with them.

and of course, she's 4, so she's a wiggle worm, and would twist and turn and kick her parents until they finally chase her back to her own room with a spanking.

THIS gate is too tall for her to climb over, AND...apparently hard to figure out, lol. you just push these two buttons at the same time and push down, but Koda hasn't figured it out yet, and it's been 4 hours, muahahahhaha.

we haven't had to chase her back to her room even ONCE yet *_* she is SEVERELY not happy.

Brian and I both agree we would almost have sex with this gate, lmao. Kristy says that's kinda scary, but then Koda failed to open the gate again and she broke out into the "omg-happy-happy-joygasm-joygasm" dance XD

*happy sigh*

on the bad note...talked to sis earlier, and bil's older bro Phil (who I also consider a brother/brother-in-law) has been in a car accident. we don't know HOW the accident happened, but he cracked/shattered one of his eye sockets in two different places, and had to have 23 stitches to close it up, and they still don't know yet if he's gonna need surgery or not.

couple bad things here about that, actually...

no one told his mother. when sis called her earlier to see if Mrs. J knew anything about how he was, she was completely in the dark. she asked sis how SHE knew about it...Phil's wife posted it on facebook.

didn't bother calling the man's mother, or any other family members. and then the woman was bitching about he wrecked "another fucking car", and how stupid he/it was, etc etc.

it's husband was just in a car wreck, and you're gonna bitch about the CAR?! how about being glad that the man is ALIVE, you idiot!


I mean, okay, yeah 6 cars in 4 years IS more than a bit much, but husband's life vs. car...hmmm, let me think here.

*shakes head*

took my blood pressure at walmart...systolic (sp?) was normal, but the diastolic (sp again) was high...not sure what that means:S also, not sure how accurate it was cause the cuff thingy pinched my arm, so I was wiggling...a LOT.

I need to make a mental note to call someone about that though:\ in the meantime, I'm staying on my aspirin regime. dad had high bp + blood clots (that's how he died...blood clot to the lung...what I'm scared of happening to me:S), and mom, I THINK, has low bp. so bad shit on both sides:\

at least mom's diabetes is getting better.

OH, and the dizzy spells she was having? the dr said she had water on the ear, so she's on meds now to fix it up:)

weather has been hell. literally.

today the expected index was 109, with some places reaching 112.

for those of you using celcius:
109 = 42.78
112 = 44.44

ugh. and no rain in sight either:( *sighs*

.....and now: bed time. x_x
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"the babe with the power.
what power?
the power of voodoo.
who do?
you do.
do what?
remind me of the babe~"

*whines* I dun like this at ALL:

Issued by The National Weather Service
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
3:41 pm CDT, Mon., Jun. 28, 2010





I don't CARE if they only supposedly stay off ground and don't hang around long....I DNFW!

*goes off to bitch at the clouds*
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ok, so...some of you who know me, know that when I say that my sister and/or I are "playing with the weather", I mean it kinda literally.

examples )

you're free to take those however you like, but you have to admit, it's kinda weird.

The reason I bring this up is cause of Bill.

His projected path says he's gonna stay offshore and travel along the east coast before heading back out to sea. Sis and I aren't so sure about it, and since we were right about Ike and Hannah last year, we're keeping track of our predictions this time.

((cut for the sceptics, and the people who like to think we're crazy:D))

playing with the weather )


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