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tomorrow is finishing up cleaning and packing, and then I'll be leaving Friday around 7pm, and won't be back online until Monday night~

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this week...has sucked. majorly.

will explain that sometime later, but right now, I'm squeeing all over the place:



I was looking at something earlier, and suddenly I heard Koda: "he's c'awling, he's c'awling!!", turn around, and sure enough~

it was soooo cute! he was trying to reach her, I guess to play, lol, cause she didn't have any toys with her, or near her, but he was staring right at her, and moving his lil body just as much as he could towards her, lol.

called Kristy down so she could see, took a while, cause we were all squeeing, but once we stopped paying so much attention to him, he got his ass back up and crawled to his momma:D

....*squees some more*
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eeps...forgot to update after I got the video card^_^;;

ok,, obviously, I got the videocard, and it's's working quite well, actually:D



so yeah, besides taking care of [ profile] kattunlove's header contest, I've been falling back in love with windows xp and sims3^_^;;

and coughing my lungs up.

yeah, I'm still sick. Koda is better, though she's coughing now too, and Nathan...well, Kristy says he's just mimicking me, but he has a runny nose too, so I think he's caught what I have, which isn't surprising since I'm the one that takes care of him the most.

oh oh oh! HE SAID HIS FIRST WORD:D he looked right at Kristy and said "mama" ^_^v

I thought babies didn't start talking til later, but apparently they might learn a word or two early, it's just that they won't be able to communicate more...intelligently until later. so says Kristy anyway.

I say he's already had his second word, but Kristy says no. You tell me:

I walked into the kids' room to get him out of the crib and said "hello peanut butt! hi~!" and he got this big grin and kicked his legs and said "Hi!"

since then, I've said different things to him in the morning, like "good morning" or "rise and shine", etc etc, but he only does his "hi!" when I say "hello" or "hi".

Kristy says it's just a sound, but technically, so is everything we say. The only difference is that we are able to tell what the sounds MEAN and use them in the right way. if he understands the sound enough to know when to say it, then shouldn't it count?


Kristy's on my shit list anyway. she flat out accused me of paying more attention to my computer than I do the kids. the day she said it, she said I had been sending her messages all day instead of paying attention to the kids.

I messaged her a grand total of 4 times.

lucky I havent kicked her ass yet. )

so yeah. I haven't had my lil discussion with her about that lovely morsel yet. I'm waiting til my throat is healed up, because when we DO have that discussion, I want to be able to deliver my opinion on what happened with quite a bit of volume.

........long entry was long, but I needed to get that out. -_-* you may now return to your regularly scheduled fangirling/boying of whatever you fangirl/boi.
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*flails a lil*

if you don't like kids, just skip this. I'm excited cause it's one of his "milestones", so MEH to you!


he's 4 months now, so yeah...HAPPY, dammit!

and as for the thing with Jin & KT-TUN touring separately, I already said it at k-love, but I'll say it again for anyone else to see:

It is NOT Jin vs. KT-TUN.

it doesn't matter if they're doing something separate atm, it's still KATTUN, and you can either support them both equally or stfu and gtfo.

Anne Bishop related:
cut for Shalador's Lady spoilers )
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...I'm happy, but I HATE EARTHQUAKES!!


LA trip, cut for length~

fly me to the moon and back~ )

oh oh oh, and Jac is double awesome, rofl...she brought me snacks and henna and a stuffed panda with an evil looking smile XD and she was able to put up with me the entire trip...she should get an award for that alone:P
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tell me that this is my mistake and you're not
telling me that this is the end, no I hope not
and you are burning me inside.
things that I never meant to say, I told ya
things that you wanted me to say, I never did
and this is burning me inside...

*dances a lil*

in less than 24 hours, I shall be on my way to LA:D

I'm a lil nervous, I've only flown once in my entire life, and that was only for like an hour and a half, and over a decade ago, so...x_x

I got my hair cut.

some of you might not know how "o.O" of a thing this, but before it was cut, my hair was around 3feet long, and now it's maybe 1.5?

The poor woman was like "I've never seen anyone with hair this long! not in person, anyway!", then she was kinda freaking out over how much to cut, cause I said she could take at LEAST 6inches off...I figured that'd get most of the dead ends, and it would still leave me with hair long enough for my tastes.

then she was all worried about cutting more than I wanted, so I asked her if they worked with locks of love. turns out they do, so I said to just cut off 12inches and be done with then she ran around looking for a ruler. *headdesk*

I finally told her "just guesstimate"...and even then she was all worried about cutting off too much, so I reached back, picked a random handful that I knew HAD to be over 12 inches and said "cut this".

so now the longest part of my hair is like..just past my shoulder blades:P

...ok, I JUST realized that the person's name in this email is just "molecular biology" spelled all fucked up. *headdesks*

love this song )

now I'm off...finished packing except for last minute stuff, so it's time for bed:D *squees*

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they won't take the baby until 4 or 5am cause Kristy had just ate something before her water broke >.<

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okay, trying not to spazz too much, but Kristy left about an hour ago for the hospital.

She wasn't supposed to have her baby until the 24th, but her water broke tonight, sooo...

it's kinda funny, and I am SO glad I posted on twitter the way I did. sis and I both had been having dreams about Kristy going into labor early, and then today I just...I was in the living room, and I got the nastiest cleaning fit. I went in the kitchen and just...attacked it with a sponge XD;;

--update: Kristy just called. she didn't say whether or not they told her she's in actual labor, but they're gonna go ahead and take him tonight.


I'm so excited:D

on another note, I was telling mom what was going on, and then the convo turned into about her love life. she has herself a boi-toi, kinda, and wanted to know what I thought of it. so NOT a convo to be had at a time like this XD


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