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very quick, short update. I know I have a whole assload of stuff to update on, but right now, the big thing is that I/we will most likely be moving at the end of the month~

the man we work for (J) is selling some of his stores, including the one we're at. The buyer has been coming around checking out everything before the sale is final, and they're considering making us an offer to stay with them, but with the way the guys were treating Brian & Kristy, we're most likely going to tell them to shove it up their ass.

luckily, J has already told us that if we don't want to go to the new company, he will MAKE room for us at one of his other stores. right now, the other store he's offered to move us to is actually the one that I lived at before I started working for Brian and Kristy. the place is really nice, but, as with most of the properties J owns, it's only a two bedroom...and it doesn't have a garage attached, so we're having to scramble to figure out what we're gonna do with my room/stuff.

Kristy has a tentative plan in place, but it requires finding a home for one of my cats. Sis is supposed to talk to her hubby about taking the cat that loves her so much, and if she can't convince him to let her have him, she knows someone else who should be able to find a good home. *sighs*

I don't want to give away either of them, but not much choice:\

anyway. Koda graduates from kindergarten at the end of this month, and if we move, it'll probably be around that same time. it depends on if/when the sale goes through.

for the rest of life updates...I'm thinking I'm gonna just have to make a voice post or something. I don't do video blogs/posts, so meh.

sorry to everyone I haven't really been keeping up with...I've been in a weird mood/phase. I haven't signed in on msn in forever...I'm actually not even sure if I redownloaded it after I have to wipe my comp:S I pretty much spend all my time playing sims social or reading or hiding:\


yeah. will try to remember to post more:\ no promises though x_x
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ok, so a friend's post just reminded me about this...

come august or september, Koda will be starting pre-k. and it's not one of those namby-pamby (however you spell it) 2 hour a day things either. She will be gone from whatever time in the morning until like 2 or 3pm two days a week~

the good part about that is that I get a break from the demon child, lol. I'll miss her, but I won't miss the noise x_x

the bad part is that in order to afford this, Kristy's gonna have to cut my pay a lil. no idea how much, but she stressed the "ONLY a lil cut" over and over, so I'm guessing she's already going in her head how to arrange things so I lose as lil as possible, lol.

I'm...actually pretty damn okay with the whole thing XD;; I'd be happy to take 300 a month if it means I get a two day break from that nuthouse x_X now, I'm not gonna tell Kristy that, of course, cause I'd like to keep as close to the current amount as possible, but yeah^_^;;;

next year, when Koda starts actual school, Kristy's gonna try and get Nathan in some kind of preschool too, so I might have to take another cut then too, but we're hoping not. it depends on if we get a raise between now and then~

in the meantime, I HAVE MONDAY OFF:D:D:D far, anyway, lol. it's memorial day, so postal will be closed, and Kristy already plans on telling Brian to stay home with the kids~ technically, they could BOTH take the day off since Jimmy said they could close down completely for the day, but Kristy knows Brian won't do it. (I think he would...he needs a break as much as the rest of us and he knows it:P )

if Brian decides to be an assmunch and go in anyway, Kristy might come home instead. She WANTS to go in the office ALONE, but...yeah. no idea. All I know for sure is that Kristy said I have the day off, and that ONE of them will be down here, so we'll see~

now I'm off. I'm feeling a LOT better, but still anti-social. and I'm in love with the new co-mods on klove. they're just...♥. an insane amount of ♥.
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today...was surprisingly good.

Kristy woke me up at like 7:30am, I think, but she woke me up to tell me to let Koda and Nathan sleep in as late as they could.

usually, I get woke up at like 8:30, and Koda would already have her shower and breakfast, and Nathan would've been fed already. today, they didn't even wake up until 9:30. I had to give Koda her shower and make breakfast for her, but it was worth it to sleep in for an extra hour, lol.

actually got a nap during quiet time today, and Nathan didn't give me a stinky diaper. so SCORE and DOUBLE SCORE!

a couple days ago, I asked Dave to help me find a good TB harddrive for my compy since mine is still screwing up, and he found a 1TB for 79.99. then today, he sent me a link for a 1.5TB for 89.99:D AND he has a windows XP disk so I can use that instead of this crappy windows 7 >.< I HATE this stupid thing x_x it won't let me set up my quick launch bar, and UGH, that bugs me.

...petty, I know, but I don't care, so HMPH!

got myself two books, and salad stuff~, and I forget what else, lol. but I got stuff, so yeah.

ah, AND...I love my community members...the dbsg comm was invited to join up with other dbsk fangroups/sites/etc for a charity project, and then today, there's been a bunch of people at kattunlove making posts about fundraising for Haiti.

I know I'm the bitch!mod and all that, but dammit, I'm proud of these people. I think I can take off the bitch!hat long enough to say that:P

*happy hums* ah well. off to bed~ tomorrow is office day:P
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<3 Firefly.

but anyway.


« Kristy (the woman I'll be babysitting for) doesn't have a wireless router, and a wireless card is all I have.
« I will NOT be staying at sis' until they get settled in. I'll be leaving Wednesday night and staying there with them.

Yeah, I'm NOT happy, and as of wednesday night, I will not be online. Sorry folks. *sighs*


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