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okay, tomorrow (today, monday, whatever), the sale on this place closes. Kristy is supposed to come home as soon as it's settled, and we'll finish up packing EVERYTHING except what we'll be sleeping in/on, and what we're wearing the next day.

Tuesday, I'll be going to the new house with the kids & Brian early EARLY in the morning. When the movers get there, I get to play traffic director, lol. We won't have any internet until sometime on wednesday though:\

we still don't have a home for my cats, but I'm gonna try and talk to sis tomorrow and see if I can convince her hubby to let her have Spiky. I THINK his big issue is any damage the cat does with his claws, but if I volunteer to keep them supplied with softclaws (claw cap things)...well, I can hope:\ in the meantime, pray that our friend's neighbour decides they want the kitties, preferably sometime today:S

On a potentially 'YAY!' note, Kristy and Brian might be letting me have their flat screen tv o.O Their new bedroom isn't big enough to hold what all they have in their current room, so it leaves us with an extra tv:P MY room comes with a built in work area that can EASILY be used as an entertainment center, so yeah:D

they're also giving me their extra microwave, for some odd reason o.O Apparently they think I'll be happier if I don't ever have to go upstairs except to take care of the kids, lol. I actually don't mind it either way, but *shrug*

prayprayprayPRAY that we find a home for at least ONE of the kitties:S
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...I'm not sure how I feel about this, but...

I'm finding a home for BOTH of my cats. Once we move (we're packing right now), me, Kristy and Koda are going to a pet store/or/shelter and getting a "family" kitten.

*sighs* I'm...mixed feelings. on the one hand, I feel better because now I don't have to pick one brother over the other, or worry about hurting someone else. Kristy likes Squall, Koda and sis both adore Spiky, and I love them both.

also, these two are used to being around kids, so I had been worried about one of the kids getting scratched in the face/eyes. With a kitten, it'll grow up around the kids, and we can also start it getting used to regular baths and being brushed/groomed on a daily basis.

Kristy is paying for the adoption. I told her I didn't want her to, but she is insisting. I tried explaining that, with HER paying for it, it wouldn't feel like it's MINE. She said that the cat WILL be mine, but she wants to pay for it since it's because of HER/her family that I'm losing these two.

we won't be getting the kitten until we get to the new house, but I'm already looking for homes for the boys now. it'll be weird without them, but...:\

they're right next to me, but i miss them already.
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very quick, short update. I know I have a whole assload of stuff to update on, but right now, the big thing is that I/we will most likely be moving at the end of the month~

the man we work for (J) is selling some of his stores, including the one we're at. The buyer has been coming around checking out everything before the sale is final, and they're considering making us an offer to stay with them, but with the way the guys were treating Brian & Kristy, we're most likely going to tell them to shove it up their ass.

luckily, J has already told us that if we don't want to go to the new company, he will MAKE room for us at one of his other stores. right now, the other store he's offered to move us to is actually the one that I lived at before I started working for Brian and Kristy. the place is really nice, but, as with most of the properties J owns, it's only a two bedroom...and it doesn't have a garage attached, so we're having to scramble to figure out what we're gonna do with my room/stuff.

Kristy has a tentative plan in place, but it requires finding a home for one of my cats. Sis is supposed to talk to her hubby about taking the cat that loves her so much, and if she can't convince him to let her have him, she knows someone else who should be able to find a good home. *sighs*

I don't want to give away either of them, but not much choice:\

anyway. Koda graduates from kindergarten at the end of this month, and if we move, it'll probably be around that same time. it depends on if/when the sale goes through.

for the rest of life updates...I'm thinking I'm gonna just have to make a voice post or something. I don't do video blogs/posts, so meh.

sorry to everyone I haven't really been keeping up with...I've been in a weird mood/phase. I haven't signed in on msn in forever...I'm actually not even sure if I redownloaded it after I have to wipe my comp:S I pretty much spend all my time playing sims social or reading or hiding:\


yeah. will try to remember to post more:\ no promises though x_x
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update on moving sitch:
still no news. -_-;; Brian said if he hasn't heard from Jimmy by Wednesday though, he's gonna call him and ask him what's going on, so maybe I'll have more info then~

in the meantime: I'm bored.

ganked from Jac~ )
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okay, so a major dampener on the whole moving thing.

now we don't know how close the sell is to being made. it's possible it won't happen at all...which, now, I'm hoping for.

and here's where the dampener is:

depending on where we go, Kristy says I might have to find my cats a new home.

I told her that isn't an option. I've fought too long for them to give up now. I told her I will find another job to work after hours if I have to so I can pay for my own apartment. I'll be dead on my feet by the time I get home, but I will do what I have to.

I already lost Shizuka...I didn't have a choice there. his time with me came to an end, and that's that. I am NOT going to lose these two due to something that I CAN control.

I would be okay with giving Spiky to my sister, cause I know she loves him, and he adores her, but it'd be like pulling hen's teeth to get Dave to agree to it.

*sighs* I guess we'll see.
angel_9_lives: (Default), go from hardly updating at all to...well..this.

two big news came in today.

1) my Dannyboi ([personal profile] dannydonovan)'s mom has blood poisoning and heart problems, and might not be around much longer. (which just fucking sucks cause I can't be there for him >.<)

2) we might be moving. soon. really soon.

some people are looking to buy the property we work at right now, and the owner is looking to sell, sooooooooo.

Jimmy (owner) told Brian and Kristy that unless the new guys offer a lot of money for us to stay, he'll keep us with him, and just move us to a different store. which would be a million different kinds of awesome, but with it being Jimmy doing the moving, it also means it's gonna be FAST.

when he moved sis, we had 3 days notice. THREE DAYS to pack everything up and get ready to go. luckily, he has a moving company that actually moves everything to the new place...all we have to do is pack, and I'll probably be the one doing that:S

minus the :S...I actually like packing, for the most part, so I don't mind it too's just gonna be tricky with Koda around x_x


hehe, sorry, just excited~~
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got bored with adding "#" at the beginning. *sighs*

um, had good news/bad news, trying to remember now, lol.


- K's not against me having my babies in the house, though we have to figure out a way to protect her from the kitty litter (she's pregnant).
- she also already has a schedule that she wants Kota on, so I don't have to worry about that, either:D Everything's all set up on that front~ (MAJOR relief)
- BiL is being slightly less of an ass...he's talking about lending me money until my check gets in and/or I get paid.

/♥ - I have to leave behind my flat screen monitor:(
/♥ - still no wireless router.
/♥ - monitor ;_;
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<3 Firefly.

but anyway.


« Kristy (the woman I'll be babysitting for) doesn't have a wireless router, and a wireless card is all I have.
« I will NOT be staying at sis' until they get settled in. I'll be leaving Wednesday night and staying there with them.

Yeah, I'm NOT happy, and as of wednesday night, I will not be online. Sorry folks. *sighs*
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*fidgets a bit*

most of you guys SHOULD know that I've been looking for a new job, but for those of you who didn't: I was:P

past tense because one of sis' friend is moving somewhat nearby and needs a live-in nanny, basically, so I'll be moving in with her (instead of living with sis, oh happy fucking day -youhavenoidea-).

once I get moved in, and they start getting trained for the job, I'll be babysitting their three year old daughter (one of the cutest lil things you could ever see, but also more hyper than Junsu, Junno, Jin, and Yunho all on sugar highs at the same time~) from 9am-6pm (or possibly 6am-6pm, depends:X). I don't know much I'll be online during that time because yeah, kids need attention like WHOA.

they get here on wednesday, and I think oikko is supposed to help them move stuff, but I don't know yet. I'm hoping that's the case cause then I can stay here a bit longer, and I'll probably sleep in oikko's room while he's gone~ then when they're all moved in, he'll come back and I'll go out there.

*ish kinda excited*

I won't be paid much at & board, soda and things I need for my cats, and some extra money here and there I think. I know it sounds wrong of me to do, but I think I'm gonna put all of my tax refund aside for things that I want that aren't necessary (ie: books, cds & dvds *whistles innocently at barnes&nobles and cdjapan*). I'll still be saving money from what they give me, of course. The lil bit of tax return will just be my "I need to spoil myself, dammit" fund.

and who knows, maybe I'll get more writing done. or at least more of the outline done..which reminds me:
*luffs on Jinru~*

she knows why:P

Danny always gets lovin', so you hush, mister.

so anyway, yeah...that's your 'potential mia/hiatus' notice. I'll be posting to the appropriate mod comms soon as well :S


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