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a lot of work getting done on klove, finally, but this is kinda for my personal reference, so meh:

plane ticket: $388.40
paid so far: $100.00
amount left: $288.40

next paycheck:$188.40
may check: $100.00

though I may have to switch that around since I HAVE to get a new phone this month, and I have to give Kristy money to help with the renovation of my room, AND I owe her some money for the cab ride:\ so yeah, this is gonna be a fun month.
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first the spar with mi shilen, and now sis is the hospital, and they don't know what's wrong.

today: go fuck yourself. seriously. it wasn't funny in the first place, and it's even LESS so now.
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well, it's official...Jinru's buying the ticket today *_*

also pre-ordered Anne Bishop's "Shalador's Lady" and my ear cuffs. I only bought three for now:

pics under cut )

She said she has enough Peridot stones left over to do the Amethyst one in instead, and she'll just charge me the same price instead of charging me for a modified order~

I'll order the other ones I really liked in April or May, lol. After the trip is done and paid for:D...and after I get my video card -.-*

.....*ish flailing*
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...I love my friends.

to those who haven't seen the news yet, Yunho from DBSK is going to be in LA sometime in the beginning of march.

I was supposed to fly out to LA at the beginning of March to visit Jinru and Jac, but the plane tickets cost over 300$, and I would've had to pay this woman 100+$ a day to work in the office so Kristy could stay home with the kids while I was gone. Between those two, I'd have no money left over for food, drinks, anything I needed for my pets when I got home, etc etc, and they had thought that Brian needed to go back to Alabama for a lil bit during that time too, so the idea was scrapped.

enter a wonderful friend (aka: jinru): if all goes well, she's going to book the plane ticket for me, and then I'll pay her back for it. ALSO, the woman that had said she'd work in the office took on a full time job, so she can't help anymore, BUT Kristy found a woman who is willing to babysit the kids for TWO days for 100$, so...*_*

so far everything seems to be going okay, but I keep waiting for something to fall through:(

and before anyone starts on me, I'm not expecting to see him while I'm there. the chance is like 1 in a million, if even THAT good. and I'm not planning on stalking either (though I can't say that mi shilen don't have it in THEIR plans;) ), lol. fans are too scary for all that:P



I love my friends ;_; *_* ♥x more numbers than there are words for~


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