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...this is a lil late, but...well, I haven't been in the mood to do any updating, tbqh.

thank you to everyone for the bday wishes (and unexpected bday pressies, lol)~

not that most people will care, but bday haul:

telescope (strong enough to see Jupiter *_*)
acrylic paint set (the paint, a painting pad & brushes)
henna kit
10$ gift card at the half price book store
money (rofl, a check for $29 for 29 years...and me w/o a bank account...ilu mommy XD;; )
gummy bears (*_*)
chocolate cupcake vgift (♥ lub_lub_lub)
something still in the mail from mi shile, Jac~ (no idea what it is ;_;

not a bad haul, especially since (except for the unexpected gifts from lub & shile), everything I got, was actually something that I really REALLY wanted *_*

that being said, my actual bday sucked. Kristy decided to have herself a bitch fit, and oh, guess who it happened to be directed at. yeah. yay. and then later, at like 10pm, right before she was off to bed, THEN she stopped by my "room" and told me "happy birthday...sorry, I kinda forgot:\"

wonderful, huh? -_-* at least she's the one that got me the telescope, and we DID kinda have my bday stuff early, but still. bitchfit on my bday, is NOT my idea of fun.

last weekend...well, actually, two weekends ago, now, was when I had my bday stuff. sis and oikko came out, we out to eat at wendy's (I wanted one of their caramel shakes, omfg, I LOVE THEM), then the book store...couldn't find anything I really wanted, and they didn't have the henna kits anymore, so we left there and went to a couple different stores. finally ended up at walmart (I needed cat litter), with sis bitching the whole time about how I hadn't found anything I wanted, so I drug her over to the art supplies.

I shoved her the acrylic paint set I had been eying, but couldn't justify paying $12+ on something I probably would use ONCE*. she grabbed it. pointed out some drawing was especially for acrylic paints, so grabbed that too, and a set of brushes. oh yeah, and some gummy bears on the way out, lol.

* if you know me, you know I SUCK at art. seriously. sis disagrees. I used to kinda scribble, and it came out as abstract, and apparently she's loved a couple of them enough to keep them for herself when I would've just tossed them o.O

anyway, it turns out that I don't completely suck as a painter :O I'm no master, that's for DAMN sure, and it's all abstract so far, but I've actually done a couple that I'm kinda proud of~ once I get a chance, I'll see about scanning them~

she also told me that she's gonna send me her henna kit, cause she still hasn't used it, and she knows I really wanted it, sooo...*_* (yes, Jac, I still have the stuff I got from you, lol. this kit comes with a shitload of stencils, though~ *_*)

I forget how long sis ended up being here, but it was a good long while. she didn't spend the night this time cause of how far apart we live now, but that worked out for the best anyway, lol. I always felt bad that I'd sleep through her visit on sunday, but dammit, it's the ONE day I get to sleep in, so yeah...this time, I didn't have to worry about it, lol.


I dun like getting up at 7am ;_; at Koda's school, the kids have to be there by 7:45 AM. at 8am, the kid is considered late, so I've been having to get up at 7am so I can take care of Nathan while Kristy & Brian drive Koda to school. (don't ask why it takes TWO of them to drop her off...she's their oldest, and it's her first year at school...questioning them is borderline grounds for being drawn and quartered x_x)

omg though, that reminds me...I'm tired and playing a quick game before I crawl into bed, but omfg, this...djhksdfsd:

a couple weeks ago now, Kristy and Brian came home from work, and I went to my room for something (I forget what). when I came out...Koda is telling her mommy and daddy about her "erections".

"I have a BIG erection"/"I have a LOT of erections!"

Kristy (knowing that I read yaoi/slash): ...Anny...why is she talking about erections?
me (seeing life flashing before my eyes): wtf!omg!IDK!! ;_;

we spent somewhere between 5-15 minutes guessing words that sounded ANYTHING like what she was saying. we tried the "show me what you're talking about" approach, and all she did was point to her toys, so that was a bust.

and then I FINALLY figured out what it was. we watch this show called "Dinosaur Train". On the show, two of the lil dinos have.....COLLECTIONS.

Don has a BIG collection, and Shiny has LOTS of collections.

yeah. we worked with her until she pronounced it right, but I'm still a bit worried.

her teacher's name is one that could VERY easily be mispronounced as "Shy Cock". SO FAR, Koda has pronounced it right, but I just KNOW that she's going to slip up one day, and she's gonna say "Ms. Shy-cock, Ms. Shy-cock! Look at my erection!"

and yeah. I am going to die. on the spot. x_x

jhdkfds...okay, game then bed. *waves* goodnight, and again, thanks for the bday wishes ♥
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*flails and squirms a lil*

probably not much cause for it, but ah well...


The big 2-0, lol. still dunno if he's going to Houston with me though:\

good and bad:

Kristy is gonna let me have my sundays again. I get to sleep as late as I want, but at midnight on sunday, I have to give her my keyboard and mouse, so she'll know I'm not staying up all night playing on the computer. I'm okay with that, sooo~

the other night, Brian was talking to me, and he MEANT to say "Kristy told me you...", but he said MY name instead. Kristy was right behind him. Yeah, he got smacked.

then tonight, Koda started to call her mommy my name. she's...not happy:\ obviously.

last night, we were looking at pics from when they brought Nathan home from the hospital, and Kristy said she just wished he knew his mommy. I told her he DOES know her...he always calls her "mama", and he looks at her when he says it. he also only gives his biggest smiles to her and to Koda. I get smiles of course, and I get laughs sometimes, but it's mama that gets the big big smiles.

she says she just needs a couple days alone with the kids, but when I pointed out that I'll be gone for a couple days in november, and maybe that will help, she says "no...he's probably going to go crazy while you're gone."


I feel guilty, not just cause of her, but Nathan too...cause, I mean, I love the kids, but I don't think of them as mine...not even Nathan who I HAVE pretty much raised so far. I hate that he's apparently looking to me as a "mommy", but I look at him like a nephew or a brother...:S

*sighs* I dunno. this really kinda sucks:\
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omfg, I love my family sometimes! XDDD

things that they are prone to do:

♥ put packing tape over your bedroom door (while you're in it), so that when you walk out, you walk into the sticky side~
♥ turn everything on your desk upside down and hide your chair while you are in the bathroom/kitchen/any room besides your own
♥ change your screen saver to something...really....REALLY unattractive XD

*giggles maniacally*

and now...the vacuum game XD because I'm lazy, copy and paste from a convo:

we'll name the vac. Hoover for now
so far....Hoover has been placed in oikko's computer chair with its cords and attachments on the keyboard/mouse to make it look like it's using the comp
it's been shuffled between staying RIGHT in the MIDDLE of oikko's bedroom doorway and bil's...
(and the bathroom)
Hoover has also been curled up with oikko...
in bed
with oikko's arm around it
and the covers pulled up around them both
it has TWICE taken over oikko's place in his rockband game...
once as the drummer, and once as the guitarist
complete with a shirt and hat, mind you
and the drumsticks

it has taken over bil's seat in the living room, with the remote control even
oh oh, and today...
oikko and I came up with the idea to put it in bil's bed..
with some of sis' bellydance dreadlocks as a wig

and now...


family hijinks FTW )

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how sad is it when you miss your old room mate's PET more than the person themselves? XD;;;;

lol, someone on my flist posted a vid of their cat playing with a rubber band, and my mind instantly went "!! BABE!!" XD;;

rofl, you could fling a rubber band two or three rooms over (depending on how many doors we had open at the time:P), and she's go tearing after it, spazz for a couple secs, then bring it back to you XD

adorable and silly.

on a side note, sis is about two secs from getting my foot shoved in a very uncomfortable place. again. and if oikko doesn't leave me the hell alone, a foot in the ass will be the LEAST of his fucking worries.

*grumbles* off to check on my kitties:D


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