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so long in between actual posts, I know, but the whole voice posting idea kinda got ganked when Nathan was born, heh.

rough update:

Nathan was born 3 weeks early.
DOB: November 13th, 2009
Weight: 5lbs 14 oz

I forget length, and what time, but I know it was after 5:30am. They made her wait cause Kristy had just gotten done eating dinner.

Poor Koda...she didn't understand why mommy wasn't coming home from work when daddy did. She's adjusted though. She LOVES her lil brother, it's so cute. She wants to hold him and feed him and burp him, etc etc.

Kristy was just about crying over how Koda didn't even hesitate to start loving on him. She was worried that, like most kids, Koda would get jealous of Nate getting all the attention. Instead, we just about have to keep her away from the poor baby, lol.

um, what came to visit. She's been here for almost 3 weeks, but she spent most of it as sis' house.

The one week she was here, she read through my book so far and...loved it. Strangely enough.

she's christian-christian (as I've mentioned before, lol), and I use language that she doesn't approve of, as well as the book itself being based off the theory that the bible isn't quite right, but...yeah, I was pleasantly surprised.

sis even heard her talking to her boyfriend and said that "it's almost impossible to write a book these days without using bad language, but the book is so good, you don't really think about the words being used! the dialogue and the characters are sooo well done.." etc etc. and mom has also apparently told one of my cousins that she loves it and thinks that it would easily rival Twilight and Harry Potter.

I'm...not sure what to think, heh. it's good to know I have her support/fandom, but at the same time Harry Potter? Twilight? (and how-tf did MY mother get into TWILIGHT, of all things?? though she says she only saw the first movie, and that's what she liked, but still...)

my brother and his wife came down from Oklahoma tonight, too. They're here to pick mom up and take her back home, but while they were here, we had a mini photofest for mom. She had us "girls" in matching shirts - which wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be...she actually picked a GOOD shirt! not one of those fluffy santa things *_* - and we took pics at IHOP, lol.

my finally taking steps to get closer, so I'm kinda happy with him. I like his wife, though I only got to meet her twice. She puts up with his bullshit, so she's golden XD

hmph, working on a layout for apop_newlooks (on livejournal). not much else to update on anyway:S


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