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another sucky past couple days (including the tsunami, but I've heard from everyone I know over there, so I'm trying to put that against the suckass stuff:P), something good though (in a MUAHHAHAHAHHA way):

turns out sis & her hubby was never actually fired.

they found out a couple days ago when Dave was talking to Jimmy...he said something about "well, when we were fired.." and Jimmy told him "wait, what? you were never fired..."

which makes a LOT more sense than what HAD been going on. Jimmy does NOT answer the call from someone he's fired, and he answered the phone when Dave called him. He also does NOT send over faxes saying "We were glad to have you while we wishes in your future endeavors!" (paraphrased).

so yeah. we think that what happened is Carol was trying to make it look like they walked out on Jimmy, cause SHE's the one that came to the store to tell them the news, and while she was there, she took a phone call from Michelle (in Jimmy's office...also, the one that I was considering being a surrogate mom for), and told her "it's 9:45 and he's not here..."

Dave was right there next to her, but didn't know who she was talking to, so he thought she was saying that JIMMY wasn't there yet.

so yeah. we knew that Carol hates sis anyway, and that she wanted the store her and Dave were running, but we didn't realize just how bad until the other day.

from what we understand now, Jimmy had already planned on moving sis and fam to this other store...that's probably what he meant when Dave asked him "how can you do this?" and Jimmy said "well, you've been there a while, I figure you've gotten a little stagnant, so it was time to move on..."

anyway...yeah, you can bet we're all not happy with that woman.

and Kristy and I have been having some hellacious blow ups lately. she was actually SCREAMING at me the other day...if it hadn't been for the kids, I would've decked her. I was PISSED. even BRIAN said something to her about all the yelling she's done lately =O

quite interesting. was also interesting when Koda told me today "mommy say it not matter what you say", and then "You not yell at me! I yell at you, you not yell at me!" (which is paraphrasing what Kristy was screaming).

anyway...we talked earlier today. cleared some things up. we're gonna try something new to get along, heh. hopefully it works. if not, at least...


yup, that's right...we finally got the room done:D the walls are up, anyway, lol. I'm actually typing this up IN my room:D

it's not painted, and there flooring is just the cement garage floor, but next month I'll pay buy some paint and get to making this place look livable~

I'll try to remember to take some before and after pics, but no promises:P

anddddddd, on that's a meme and then: GOODNIGHT:D

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took the golfcart to run over to the gas station a couple minutes ago, and when I came out to go back home, there were two younger guys (late teens to early twenties) in a truck near the cart...I started around the corner to go home, and I heard one of the guys hollering to turn on the headlights (just kidding around, not asshole-ish or anything), so I turned back around and pulled up to them:

guy: don't have any. don't you hit anybody out there!
me: I'm trying to get them to hit ME, that way _I_ get the money
guy: do you have a flashlight?
me: nope
guy: if I had one, I'd give it to you so you can flash people as you drive by
me: don't need a flashlight for that ;)
him: *jaw drop*
his friend: *laugh*
me: *turns around to leave again*
him: hey! how old are you??
me: old enough!
him: you're not!

on the downside, someone threatened to stab sis' hubby and burn down their store. and for once, it wasn't HIS fault...HE was actually being calm and nice! (there's video proof or I wouldn't believe it either!)

the guy was bowing up on sis, and his wife was calling her a liar...neither of those things are a good idea...especially with any of us around.

Bil normally would've beaten that guy down on the spot, in front of the guys' kids and wife. oikko would've sent sis upstairs to get Bil so he would beat the guy down. I...well, I'd better not say what I'd do...don't wanna leave any kinda evidence that might make it sound like it was premeditated ;)

OH, and I learned something useful about Texas law! it was a very bad idea for sis to have told me about it IS useful:D

when the guy threatened to stab bil, sis had her gun in her lap, cause the guy had already been giving her a hard time and making threats, so she was a lil scared (imagine that).

she told the policeman that if she saw the man trying to come back on their property, she was gonna shoot him. the officer told her that there's this stipulation (I think) called the "wall of seperation".

as long as there is something in between you and your attacker, whether it's a wall, or table, counter, etc., you canNOT shoot them. there HAS to be open ground between you and the person, cause then that person has nothing in their way to stop them from charging at you full tilt.

I told Kristy that that info is entirely too useful. cause I would tell the person "okay, hold on, gonna make sure you have a clear path here...*moves everything out of the way*...*checks for even the smallest pebble or dust speck* ...okay, we're good now." and then let them charge me.

I don't know if it applies to defending yourself with a knife/sword/dagger too though...if it does, then the only drawback to this is that if someone tries to break into the door here at OUR store? we have a chain lock. so I'd have to wait for them to break the door open before I can play "slice 'em, dice 'em" with one of the many sharp objects I keep nearby.

the original plan was that if someone tried to break through the door when I'm here alone/with the kids, I'd grab one of the swords bil gave me and stab through the gap.

now...:\ dunno.

also, they're apparently on the brink of getting fired. bil SERIOUSLY needs to learn to control his temper. *sighs*

*points up* that, btw, is why I've been MIA. too much family stuff going on that I'm not even gonna try posting about. just bear with me:\
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today...was surprisingly good.

Kristy woke me up at like 7:30am, I think, but she woke me up to tell me to let Koda and Nathan sleep in as late as they could.

usually, I get woke up at like 8:30, and Koda would already have her shower and breakfast, and Nathan would've been fed already. today, they didn't even wake up until 9:30. I had to give Koda her shower and make breakfast for her, but it was worth it to sleep in for an extra hour, lol.

actually got a nap during quiet time today, and Nathan didn't give me a stinky diaper. so SCORE and DOUBLE SCORE!

a couple days ago, I asked Dave to help me find a good TB harddrive for my compy since mine is still screwing up, and he found a 1TB for 79.99. then today, he sent me a link for a 1.5TB for 89.99:D AND he has a windows XP disk so I can use that instead of this crappy windows 7 >.< I HATE this stupid thing x_x it won't let me set up my quick launch bar, and UGH, that bugs me.

...petty, I know, but I don't care, so HMPH!

got myself two books, and salad stuff~, and I forget what else, lol. but I got stuff, so yeah.

ah, AND...I love my community members...the dbsg comm was invited to join up with other dbsk fangroups/sites/etc for a charity project, and then today, there's been a bunch of people at kattunlove making posts about fundraising for Haiti.

I know I'm the bitch!mod and all that, but dammit, I'm proud of these people. I think I can take off the bitch!hat long enough to say that:P

*happy hums* ah well. off to bed~ tomorrow is office day:P
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omfg, I love my family sometimes! XDDD

things that they are prone to do:

♥ put packing tape over your bedroom door (while you're in it), so that when you walk out, you walk into the sticky side~
♥ turn everything on your desk upside down and hide your chair while you are in the bathroom/kitchen/any room besides your own
♥ change your screen saver to something...really....REALLY unattractive XD

*giggles maniacally*

and now...the vacuum game XD because I'm lazy, copy and paste from a convo:

we'll name the vac. Hoover for now
so far....Hoover has been placed in oikko's computer chair with its cords and attachments on the keyboard/mouse to make it look like it's using the comp
it's been shuffled between staying RIGHT in the MIDDLE of oikko's bedroom doorway and bil's...
(and the bathroom)
Hoover has also been curled up with oikko...
in bed
with oikko's arm around it
and the covers pulled up around them both
it has TWICE taken over oikko's place in his rockband game...
once as the drummer, and once as the guitarist
complete with a shirt and hat, mind you
and the drumsticks

it has taken over bil's seat in the living room, with the remote control even
oh oh, and today...
oikko and I came up with the idea to put it in bil's bed..
with some of sis' bellydance dreadlocks as a wig

and now...


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*rolls eyes* Bil's being a dick again.

sis just came downstairs and told me to go to bed. I told her I was about to (was finishing a board of stone loops first), and she said she didn't care, because:

"You're still up. Oikko's still up, and I'm getting shit about it."

Now, at this point, I'd like to point out that I'm downstairs being quiet. Yes, awake, but quiet.

Oikko is upstairs, in the room next to theirs, and is/was playing rockband and video chatting with two other people. With a mic a good foot/two feet away from him so he's having to speak up to be heard.

And sis is getting shit for it. And through sis, I'm getting shit for it.

Yeah, this bullshit is sooo fucking fair.



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