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okay, quickie update...I have old pics to post, but that'll have to wait for the weekend x_x

I am made of fail:
still undecided on whether or not I broke my toe, lol. I accidentally kicked the corner of the fridge about a week or so ago and my toe was NOT happy.

Kristy said she thinks it's broke; Brian said it wasn't...I'm beginning to think Brian might be right, cause I'm pretty sure a broke toe would hurt longer than this did:P


okay, to make this quick and easy, doing this partly convo-ish style:

Sunday night: us = severe thunderstorm warning + tornado watch
Brian went to park the van in one of the storage units to protect it from hail damage, and while he was out doing that, Kristy stepped outside to smoke and wait for him. (I forget what I was doing, but I was in the kitchen and I heard Kristy call me.

Kristy: "If I say grab the kids...GRAB THE KIDS!"
Me: um....okay...why, what's wrong?
Kristy: I think that's a fucking tornado!
Me: WHAT?! *runs looks*
Kristy: *points* That looks like a fucking TORNADO!
Me: ...fuck.

I cleaned out the closet in Kristy's room and piled couch cushions, my mp3 player (with radio), flashlights, and our e-readers (to keep updated on the storm in case we had to bunker down), my phone and blankets.

then I was trying to figure out how to make sure Koda would go to the closet if we needed her to without fighting or freaking out, and..well, I r smrt:D

she was still awake through all this, so I went over and told her "we might be playing hide-and-seek in a lil bit, if mommy says it's okay, and I know the PERFECT place to hide~ So if mommy says we can play, I'll come in and get you and baby brother, and we'll all go hide, okay?"

it worked, so yay for that, lol, but even MORE yay...the funnel cloud went back up:D as far as we know of, it never touched ground, so it wasn't officially a tornado, but it was damn near close enough for me. -_-*

we were also apparently the only ones that noticed it...well, Denise said she thought she saw something, but wasn't sure, so we might have one other person, but either way, NOT happy.

I ended up barely sleeping at ALL that night. I told Kristy that I had barely slept and asked if she could come home when Denise came into work so I could try and get a cat nap. She wasn't happy, but she understood that I had been too jumpy to sleep that night and was glad that I told her instead of just playing it off, so she came home and I napped from about 11 til 2 *_*

she kinda pissed me off afterwards though...I get weather alerts on my phone for severe stuff, and when I woke up, there was a severe thunderstorm warning, so I got on the comp just long enough to check the weather/radar, and then went to get my "inside" clothes on. (Brian's allergic to the cats, so I have to change clothes going from my room to the house -_-*)

she asked if I got any sleep, told her yes, and then she says " were playing on your computer."

...I used to go a couple days with very little sleep and still be able to function properly...if I'm tired enough to ask Kristy to stay home cause "I *NEED* sleep", I am NOT going to waste time fucking around on a computer. I am going to get my ass in my BED and take a dhfsk damn NAP like I SAID I was gonna do!


...okay, and now, goodnight:D

AND my xenosaga games:D Now I just need controllers
and I want Final Fantasy 10 & 12 *_*

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just keeping this short.

don't expect to see me around much, or, if I AM around, don't expect me to talk.

I found a friend from 20 years ago on my personal facebook.
he's the only friend I still have that knew me from before dad died.
he's the only friends I have that KNEW dad, etc.

when I found him, he told me that he had been about to hire a company to find mom and I.

his mom found out she had cancer and only about 6 months to live.
the phone number they had for my mom was disconnected.
they didn't have one for me, and I didn't have my real name on facebook, so they couldn't find either of us.
his mom died back in feb.

it's bad enough losing her, but that I wasn't there for my best friend? fuck.
and I was the one that got to break it to mom. double fuck.

yeah. I already told a couple of you, but now the rest of you know.

I'll be back eventually. not much choice. kattunlove doesn't go on hiatus just because time/life sucks ass.

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took the golfcart to run over to the gas station a couple minutes ago, and when I came out to go back home, there were two younger guys (late teens to early twenties) in a truck near the cart...I started around the corner to go home, and I heard one of the guys hollering to turn on the headlights (just kidding around, not asshole-ish or anything), so I turned back around and pulled up to them:

guy: don't have any. don't you hit anybody out there!
me: I'm trying to get them to hit ME, that way _I_ get the money
guy: do you have a flashlight?
me: nope
guy: if I had one, I'd give it to you so you can flash people as you drive by
me: don't need a flashlight for that ;)
him: *jaw drop*
his friend: *laugh*
me: *turns around to leave again*
him: hey! how old are you??
me: old enough!
him: you're not!

on the downside, someone threatened to stab sis' hubby and burn down their store. and for once, it wasn't HIS fault...HE was actually being calm and nice! (there's video proof or I wouldn't believe it either!)

the guy was bowing up on sis, and his wife was calling her a liar...neither of those things are a good idea...especially with any of us around.

Bil normally would've beaten that guy down on the spot, in front of the guys' kids and wife. oikko would've sent sis upstairs to get Bil so he would beat the guy down. I...well, I'd better not say what I'd do...don't wanna leave any kinda evidence that might make it sound like it was premeditated ;)

OH, and I learned something useful about Texas law! it was a very bad idea for sis to have told me about it IS useful:D

when the guy threatened to stab bil, sis had her gun in her lap, cause the guy had already been giving her a hard time and making threats, so she was a lil scared (imagine that).

she told the policeman that if she saw the man trying to come back on their property, she was gonna shoot him. the officer told her that there's this stipulation (I think) called the "wall of seperation".

as long as there is something in between you and your attacker, whether it's a wall, or table, counter, etc., you canNOT shoot them. there HAS to be open ground between you and the person, cause then that person has nothing in their way to stop them from charging at you full tilt.

I told Kristy that that info is entirely too useful. cause I would tell the person "okay, hold on, gonna make sure you have a clear path here...*moves everything out of the way*...*checks for even the smallest pebble or dust speck* ...okay, we're good now." and then let them charge me.

I don't know if it applies to defending yourself with a knife/sword/dagger too though...if it does, then the only drawback to this is that if someone tries to break into the door here at OUR store? we have a chain lock. so I'd have to wait for them to break the door open before I can play "slice 'em, dice 'em" with one of the many sharp objects I keep nearby.

the original plan was that if someone tried to break through the door when I'm here alone/with the kids, I'd grab one of the swords bil gave me and stab through the gap.

now...:\ dunno.

also, they're apparently on the brink of getting fired. bil SERIOUSLY needs to learn to control his temper. *sighs*

*points up* that, btw, is why I've been MIA. too much family stuff going on that I'm not even gonna try posting about. just bear with me:\
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Brian, Kristy and I all agree...we're in love with an inanimate object.

what is it, you ask? a baby gate.

yes, you read that right. a baby gate.

Koda figured out how to open the old one we had, and she'd come running out of her room about 20 times a night for stupid shit, stalling bedtime as much as she could, and THEN, would get up at 6:30am (almost on the dot), and go running into mommy & daddy's room to JUMP in bed with them.

and of course, she's 4, so she's a wiggle worm, and would twist and turn and kick her parents until they finally chase her back to her own room with a spanking.

THIS gate is too tall for her to climb over, AND...apparently hard to figure out, lol. you just push these two buttons at the same time and push down, but Koda hasn't figured it out yet, and it's been 4 hours, muahahahhaha.

we haven't had to chase her back to her room even ONCE yet *_* she is SEVERELY not happy.

Brian and I both agree we would almost have sex with this gate, lmao. Kristy says that's kinda scary, but then Koda failed to open the gate again and she broke out into the "omg-happy-happy-joygasm-joygasm" dance XD

*happy sigh*

on the bad note...talked to sis earlier, and bil's older bro Phil (who I also consider a brother/brother-in-law) has been in a car accident. we don't know HOW the accident happened, but he cracked/shattered one of his eye sockets in two different places, and had to have 23 stitches to close it up, and they still don't know yet if he's gonna need surgery or not.

couple bad things here about that, actually...

no one told his mother. when sis called her earlier to see if Mrs. J knew anything about how he was, she was completely in the dark. she asked sis how SHE knew about it...Phil's wife posted it on facebook.

didn't bother calling the man's mother, or any other family members. and then the woman was bitching about he wrecked "another fucking car", and how stupid he/it was, etc etc.

it's husband was just in a car wreck, and you're gonna bitch about the CAR?! how about being glad that the man is ALIVE, you idiot!


I mean, okay, yeah 6 cars in 4 years IS more than a bit much, but husband's life vs. car...hmmm, let me think here.

*shakes head*

took my blood pressure at walmart...systolic (sp?) was normal, but the diastolic (sp again) was high...not sure what that means:S also, not sure how accurate it was cause the cuff thingy pinched my arm, so I was wiggling...a LOT.

I need to make a mental note to call someone about that though:\ in the meantime, I'm staying on my aspirin regime. dad had high bp + blood clots (that's how he died...blood clot to the lung...what I'm scared of happening to me:S), and mom, I THINK, has low bp. so bad shit on both sides:\

at least mom's diabetes is getting better.

OH, and the dizzy spells she was having? the dr said she had water on the ear, so she's on meds now to fix it up:)

weather has been hell. literally.

today the expected index was 109, with some places reaching 112.

for those of you using celcius:
109 = 42.78
112 = 44.44

ugh. and no rain in sight either:( *sighs*

.....and now: bed time. x_x
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"the babe with the power.
what power?
the power of voodoo.
who do?
you do.
do what?
remind me of the babe~"

*whines* I dun like this at ALL:

Issued by The National Weather Service
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
3:41 pm CDT, Mon., Jun. 28, 2010





I don't CARE if they only supposedly stay off ground and don't hang around long....I DNFW!

*goes off to bitch at the clouds*
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I dun remember if I ever posted this before, but a couple years ago, when I was trying to sleep, all of a sudden "six twenty-four" popped into my head.

first thing I thought was that it was just what time it was. looked at the clock, and it was no where near that.

the second was 6/24...the date, and for some friggen reason, it just stuck in my head that I was gonna die on that day.

I even set my phone reminder for midnight and titled the reminder: "still alive?"

I didn't think about it last year, but this year...a couple days ago, I suddenly got the urge to tell Kristy, and now I can't get it out of my head.

I think part of this is all cause of the way my left arm went wonky on me last month. it doesn't help that it went REALLY wonky on my LAST NIGHT either. damn thing started going numb, and then right below my ribcage started hurting, and then the middle of my back, right between my shoulderblades.

looked up possible causes for things like that, and oh wonderful...

(stuff in bold is what I've had so far)

Squeezing chest pain or pressure
Shortness of breath

Tightness in chest
Pain spreading to shoulders, neck or arm

Indigestion or gas-like pain
Dizziness, nausea or vomiting
Unexplained weakness, fatigue
Discomfort/pain between shoulder blades
Recurring chest discomfort
Sense of impending doom

also, in my last post about the arm numbness...I said that if WAS my heart, that I would probably already be dead by now, but then I found this:
"Women's Heart Attack Symptoms Different from Men's
Symptoms may appear up to a month before attack"

it'll be the 24th in a lil less than 2.5 hours. I'm sooo not happy.

on the other hand:
bigfish sent me another game to beta:D

AND (and this is the awesomelyawesomeofallawesomeness part):

yeah yeah yeah, I'm a KAT-TUN fan, not a JIN-only fan, but this maybe the closest I get to seeing ANY of them live, so screw it.

1 > 0

he'll be in houston, which is a good 2-4 hour drive, but I'm hoping there'll be other people up this way that maybe we can all carpool/hotel room together if need be~

*crosses fingers some and does a lil dance*

dammit, I have to live past tomorrow or I'm gonna be pissed...course then again, I WOULD be able to see the show for free then :X


oh, and don't try to call my cell:S I couldn't reup my plan this month cause of my sister's dickiness. that story will come later:P....I hope:S
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okay, so a major dampener on the whole moving thing.

now we don't know how close the sell is to being made. it's possible it won't happen at all...which, now, I'm hoping for.

and here's where the dampener is:

depending on where we go, Kristy says I might have to find my cats a new home.

I told her that isn't an option. I've fought too long for them to give up now. I told her I will find another job to work after hours if I have to so I can pay for my own apartment. I'll be dead on my feet by the time I get home, but I will do what I have to.

I already lost Shizuka...I didn't have a choice there. his time with me came to an end, and that's that. I am NOT going to lose these two due to something that I CAN control.

I would be okay with giving Spiky to my sister, cause I know she loves him, and he adores her, but it'd be like pulling hen's teeth to get Dave to agree to it.

*sighs* I guess we'll see.
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...I'm happy, but I HATE EARTHQUAKES!!


LA trip, cut for length~

fly me to the moon and back~ )

oh oh oh, and Jac is double awesome, rofl...she brought me snacks and henna and a stuffed panda with an evil looking smile XD and she was able to put up with me the entire trip...she should get an award for that alone:P
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first the spar with mi shilen, and now sis is the hospital, and they don't know what's wrong.

today: go fuck yourself. seriously. it wasn't funny in the first place, and it's even LESS so now.


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