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eeps...forgot to update after I got the video card^_^;;

ok,, obviously, I got the videocard, and it's's working quite well, actually:D



so yeah, besides taking care of [ profile] kattunlove's header contest, I've been falling back in love with windows xp and sims3^_^;;

and coughing my lungs up.

yeah, I'm still sick. Koda is better, though she's coughing now too, and Nathan...well, Kristy says he's just mimicking me, but he has a runny nose too, so I think he's caught what I have, which isn't surprising since I'm the one that takes care of him the most.

oh oh oh! HE SAID HIS FIRST WORD:D he looked right at Kristy and said "mama" ^_^v

I thought babies didn't start talking til later, but apparently they might learn a word or two early, it's just that they won't be able to communicate more...intelligently until later. so says Kristy anyway.

I say he's already had his second word, but Kristy says no. You tell me:

I walked into the kids' room to get him out of the crib and said "hello peanut butt! hi~!" and he got this big grin and kicked his legs and said "Hi!"

since then, I've said different things to him in the morning, like "good morning" or "rise and shine", etc etc, but he only does his "hi!" when I say "hello" or "hi".

Kristy says it's just a sound, but technically, so is everything we say. The only difference is that we are able to tell what the sounds MEAN and use them in the right way. if he understands the sound enough to know when to say it, then shouldn't it count?


Kristy's on my shit list anyway. she flat out accused me of paying more attention to my computer than I do the kids. the day she said it, she said I had been sending her messages all day instead of paying attention to the kids.

I messaged her a grand total of 4 times.

lucky I havent kicked her ass yet. )

so yeah. I haven't had my lil discussion with her about that lovely morsel yet. I'm waiting til my throat is healed up, because when we DO have that discussion, I want to be able to deliver my opinion on what happened with quite a bit of volume.

........long entry was long, but I needed to get that out. -_-* you may now return to your regularly scheduled fangirling/boying of whatever you fangirl/boi.
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bro in law is apparently trying to get in my good graces? lol, I told him I needed an insanely cheap video card, and that I would give him my credit card number so he could order it for me, but he said he'll see what he can find and pay for it, then I can just pay sis back the next time I see her.

on the downside, everyone here is sick.

Kristy's BEEN sick, and Koda suddenly spiked a 104 degree temperature saturday night. she ended up throwing up on Kristy x_x. They almost took her to the ER, but they got it down to 102 with medicine and cool rags.

now her temp is going back and forth between 100 & 101. :( Brian and I are both running a low grade fever, and Kristy and I are coughing our lungs out >.<

...this is the longest the comp has stayed on today...*waiting for the melt down*

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ok, so. I restarted my computer. it went to boot error. "please insert system boot disk" (or something like that).

I have been downloading shit out the wazoo, I have NOTHING backed up yet, and I'm out of cds.

Kristy unplugged the hd and plugged it back in, and it still was fucking up, but I messed with it some more in bios, and it's working for now.

to be on the safe side, starting tonight now, I'll be moving everything onto the big harddrive (the one that is failing). then tomorrow, I'll be reformatting my small harddrive (the one I'll be using for my windows installation), and moving as much from the big harddrive that I can onto the small one. Then I get to unplug the big hd, replace it with the TB hd, move the stuff from the small hd onto the tb, then unplug the tb, plug the big hd back in, moving more stuff....etc etc.

HOPEFULLY, it won't take more than two times. HOPEFULLY.



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