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Last monday, I was sick as a dog all morning. YAY!

saturday, Koda dropped my e-reader. nothing appeared to be wrong with it, but now it won't take a charge. it doesn't even pick up that the charger has been plugged in. dunno if it was cause of the dropping or what:\

sunday, found out my friend Danny's younger brother is missing. their mother had a health scare, and he took idea where is:\

[ profile] lynn_viehl is mostly done. the layout, anyway. still gotta make the mod posts, tags, and the profile, but yeah...

need to do some work on klove too:\ GAH.

on the plus side though, I'm almost to 100~, have a young rich guy hitting on me on facebook, we're supposed to get some snow today (not sticking though:\), and Kristy is going to try and give me the monday after christmas off:D (basically, she's gonna stay down at the house unless Brian NEEDS her to come to the office. *happy sigh*)

also, she's gonna get me a heater for my room~ she found a pretty good one for 25$. I told her not to worry too much about it though, cause honestly, even when it's been getting down into the 30's, I've been kicking off my top blanket in my sleep, lol. I LOVE sleeping in the cold, so I'm good~ it's just frustrating when I'm trying to TYPE in the cold. which is why I'm stopping typing...NOW:P
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everything that I've done, I've done it for you

Kristy has...once again...pissed me off. at least this time, I'm not alone. even sis was like ", it's not just you. she was in the wrong here.", and usually takes Kristy's side on everything:\

fuck this. no more favors. )

on the plus side, we're FINALLY getting rain here! annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, I found Venus about a week or two ago:D well, Venus or Mars, but I think it was Venus cause of the size and color:P

I've also done my splurge for the month :S

Tamora Pierce - Mastiff (Beka Cooper series; book 3)
Rick Riordan - Son of Neptune (Percy Jackson series~)
Lynn Viehl - Nightshine (Kyndred series)

I have them all shipping together, so I don't think I'll have to pay for them all until the beginning of November~

hair sticks (cherry blossom, red phoenix & black cat/fortune)

Nathan likes to chew on my hair sticks, so I am down to ONE x_x these sets were only a dollar-something, so I snatched them up, lol. I LOVE the cherry blossom ones *_*

hjfkjs, it's raining *_* and 5:30am:X goodnight morning~:D

*dances off*
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...I'm a dorky amount of happy right now, rofl.

went shopping (needed new shoes:S all I had were sandals, and I was NOT going to wear THOSE to a concert x_x) and found some treasures, lol.

♥ book: Memoirs of a Geisha
I saw the movie, but when I talked to Alexy about it, she told me some stuff from the book that the movie doesn't go into, so now I'm gonna go for the full story, lol. I have an hour and a half delay in Dallas, so I figure it'll give me something to do^_^;;

♥ book: The Three Musketeers
it's actually a mini version of the book, with lil illustrations here and there...I had a copy like this when I was younger, so when I saw this one, I snatched it up to read to Koda^_^;;

♥ record: Neal Diamond - Headed for the Future
present for mom, lol.

what's kinda funny is, I called her to see if she had ever bought the record player she had planned on getting, only to be told that NO, she doesn't have a new record player, and instead, in fact, has MY old one. -_-*
now, granted, it WAS her's and dad's first, but mom let me have it after dad died, so me = a lil peeved. Especially since I don't recall giving it back to her. -_-* I gave her the old records she had ASKED for, but I don't remember anything about my player >.<;;

so yeah. grr.

I PREFER high top boot like shoes, but the cheapest pair I found online were like $40 x_x soooo I went to payless. The shoes have pink on them, but it's not much, and I like them, lol.
reason this counts as a treasure: the shoes were marked $27.99. When they were rung up, they were $15. They weren't marked as 'on sale', but I sure as hell wasn't gonna argue, lol.
Now I just gotta break them in before the concert so I don't limp home, rofl.

perfume: Love Struck
perfume: Strawberries and Champagne

...they were cheap, but they smell good *_*

*twirls a lil*

yeah, a ridiculous amount of happy, rofl.

oh, and I have someone that will be staying with me at the hotel...Saturday night, anyway. she needed a room, was willing to split the cost with someone...I have a room with two beds, and I only need one:P

*dances a lil more*

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well, it's official...Jinru's buying the ticket today *_*

also pre-ordered Anne Bishop's "Shalador's Lady" and my ear cuffs. I only bought three for now:

pics under cut )

She said she has enough Peridot stones left over to do the Amethyst one in instead, and she'll just charge me the same price instead of charging me for a modified order~

I'll order the other ones I really liked in April or May, lol. After the trip is done and paid for:D...and after I get my video card -.-*

.....*ish flailing*
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You guys can ignore this:P

fmpr = for my personal reference~

book order:
If angels burn (michael/alexandra)
private demon (thierry/jema)
dark need (lucan/samantha)
night lost (gabriel/Nicola)
evermore (jayr/aedan)
twilight fall (jaus/liling)
stay the night (robin/cristobal, phillipe/shan, john/luisa?)

Kyndred Arc:
Shadowlight (forgot the names)

Aedan - ?
Alexandra - speedy hands & reads pyschpath's minds/thoughts
Angelica - shape shifter
Beatrice - tears/blood were poison
Beaumaris - ?
Cristobel - ?
Elizabeth - gives people horrible nightmares/daydreams
Falco - ?
Farlae - sees essences
Gabriel - controls insects (can see through their eyes as well)
Gawain - ?
Harlech - ?
Jamys - read minds. can also speak to people through mind
Jaus - no one can lie to him (requires touch)
Jayr - speed
Jema - invisibility
John - heightened senses, possibly healing?
Korvel - makes people want him (lust)
Kyan - elemental: water & wind
Liling - elemental: fire & earth, healer
Lucan - shatters anything solid
Melanie - elemental: storms?
Mercer - hypnosis (kinda)
Michael - can remove memories
Nicola - radar (objects & kyn), can hide scent
Nottingham - freezes anything
Phillipe - hypnosis
Rain - scent
Raphael - create bright light (temp. blinds people)
Richard - control anyone/anything with voice
Robin - calms people
Samantha - sees how a person died by touching their blood
Thierry - controls dreams (can dream walk)
Will Scarlett - ?
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this isn't a proper update like it should be, but here's the basics~

we FINALLY got the net back on. it took for-fucking-ever, but it works:D
the lil girl I take care of loves me to pieces. not sure yet if that's a good thing or not >.>;;
I got two of the books I've been wanting for...well...a long time:P: Bloodhound (Tamora Pierce), and Stay the Night (Lynn Viehl).
Kristy ordered the other book I wanted, and I got to read it, but I plan on buying my own copy asap: The Shadow Queen (Anne Bishop) good good book:D *_*

James (my ghost hunting friend) has a vacation coming up in a couple weeks, so he's gonna meet up with me and we're gonna go find something to do~ I'm gonna bring the completed chapters of Etlan so far so he can take a look at them. he's also bringing some books/info he thinks I might be able to use^_^ I'm looking forward to getting to see him again~ he's fun, and neither of us are interested in the other for anything more than friendship, so no stress :D


sorry, but I needed to get that out there, rofl. that damn chapter just about killed me, I swear x_X

Kristy and I went to sis' show/dance recital...she did pretty good :O I'll have to post the pics later:X
speaking of sis...I think she's kinda got her feelings hurt, but...*shrugs* that's another story for another day. too much to type right now x_x

...that's it for now. gotta get to bed. Munchkin wakes up at like 9am...and it's already 2 now. x_X



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