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yay for Ice Age 2, lol.

another good day~

I have a 2gb sansa mp3 player, and I bought a 2gb sandisk to go with it like...MONTHS ago. well, for some odd reason, it wouldn't let me put more than 130 files on the sandisk, no matter what size they were...last night, I finally went searching for some help to fix it, and I found someone that said they reformatted their sandisk with FAT32, and it worked fine for him after that, so I tried it...

IT WORKED:D:D:D:D:D:D So now, I have almost 2 gigs free for even MORE music:D

then talked to bro in law today, and he said that my new 8gb sansa (my christmas present from him) should be arriving anytime now~ (tigerdirect had shipped it to our old georgia address, so we had to wait for them to either get that one back, or ship us a new one.)

Koda has been good all day, so she's watching Ice Age 2 while I'm on the compy~ Nathan is playing with his toes, lol.

the other good thing today was I found someone to trade my Micky card with:D I ordered DBSK's "Break out!" single, and I was hoping for Yunho's card, but hmph. I like all the guys, don't get me wrong, but I am so NOT even THINKING of trying to deny my bias XD;;

oh oh, and I should be getting 200$ back from my taxes~ I already filed them, and did it direct deposit, so it said I SHOULD get it within 8-10 days. That 200, plus the 400 I should get when we get paid makes me happy happy~

still not gonna be able to make it to Cali to visit mi shilen, but...:\ I'll probably end up using this paycheck to get a new video card and that phone with unlimited minutes/texts. and windows xp, if I can.

lmao, wtf...I was gonna post a couple youtube links, I got this when I tried to sign in:

while(1);{"errors": "I call shenanigans", "success": false}


ah, now it's working...

this amuses me: nsfw

and addicted to this song now. not listening to it right now, of course, *glares at tv*, but yeah:P
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today...was surprisingly good.

Kristy woke me up at like 7:30am, I think, but she woke me up to tell me to let Koda and Nathan sleep in as late as they could.

usually, I get woke up at like 8:30, and Koda would already have her shower and breakfast, and Nathan would've been fed already. today, they didn't even wake up until 9:30. I had to give Koda her shower and make breakfast for her, but it was worth it to sleep in for an extra hour, lol.

actually got a nap during quiet time today, and Nathan didn't give me a stinky diaper. so SCORE and DOUBLE SCORE!

a couple days ago, I asked Dave to help me find a good TB harddrive for my compy since mine is still screwing up, and he found a 1TB for 79.99. then today, he sent me a link for a 1.5TB for 89.99:D AND he has a windows XP disk so I can use that instead of this crappy windows 7 >.< I HATE this stupid thing x_x it won't let me set up my quick launch bar, and UGH, that bugs me.

...petty, I know, but I don't care, so HMPH!

got myself two books, and salad stuff~, and I forget what else, lol. but I got stuff, so yeah.

ah, AND...I love my community members...the dbsg comm was invited to join up with other dbsk fangroups/sites/etc for a charity project, and then today, there's been a bunch of people at kattunlove making posts about fundraising for Haiti.

I know I'm the bitch!mod and all that, but dammit, I'm proud of these people. I think I can take off the bitch!hat long enough to say that:P

*happy hums* ah well. off to bed~ tomorrow is office day:P


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