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If you have younger loved ones that you know looks up to you a lot, hero-worships, loves you, etc, do this:

get a camcorder of some kind.
if you guys had a song they liked to sing with you, or some lil inside joke you had, record yourself singing it/telling the joke.
talk about random mundane things.
talk about some favorite memories.
make sure to laugh at some point.
be goofy.
be you.

don't worry about how silly you may feel just talking to a recorder. trust me. when you're gone, that "silly" recording will be all your loved ones have to remember your voice by. You can take a million pictures, and sometimes a single pic CAN say a thousand words...but sometimes the words need to be said.

More importantly, sometimes they need to be heard.

my father died 16 year ago.
I USED to have a clip of him singing a line from a song. maybe 10-15 seconds long at the most.
It's gone.
he used to have a song for all of his kids.
we'll never hear him sing our song again.
we'll never be able to sing along with his voice.

It was hard enough losing him the first time...but it feels like I've lost him all over again.

I don't remember the sound of his voice. his laughter. the random goofy things he would say...nothing. It's not even a whisper of a memory anymore...and there's nothing I can do about it.

So please...please do not put your loved ones through this. I'm begging you...don't.


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