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Okay, now to move on to part two of this whole shit parade.

This particular comment has got my goat, and in a BIG way:

"he's treating her as a subhuman in the way he's hitting her and humiliating her. his verbal abuse is just as bad as those that people are blaming the saesangs for using.

he still swore at her and called her a lesser being. it doesn't make a big difference if it doesn't translate literally to a dog."

Okay, I'm not denying that he used strong words and whatnot, BUT...if she considers what he said/did as treating the person as "sub-human", then I just want to know wtf she calls the way the GUYS were treated for the past 9 years?!

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't like that he put hands on another person, IF he actually DID, and I would be perfectly okay with people being mad at him...IF they were at least being equally mad at the girl.

instead, it seems like most people are saying, "no matter what she did, he shouldn't hit a woman!"

My response: fuck that. Up the ass with a french man's dick, at that. (pardon the language, and no, that's not a dig at french men, it just popped out like that -_-;; )

A man has just the same right to defend himself as a woman, and THESE particular men have been, basically, emotionally and psychologically raped over and over for the past 9 YEARS.

Add onto that, all these people calling "victim blaming!", imagine this scenario:

you've been sexually assaulted, over and over by the same guy.
you can't get away from him.
HE knows where you live.
HE can get into your house, even when you have security codes and whatnot.
HE knows when you leave the house, and when you return.
HE knows when you have company and when you're alone.
HE follows you all around town.
HE monitors who you are in contact with.
the police can't or won't do anything to/about him.
You no longer feel safe in your own home.

You move away for a long time, and then, for whatever reason, have to move back to that area.
you don't see him for a while, so you start feeling safe.
then, one night, someone knocks on your door.
you open it without thinking, and guess what? it's HIM.
you don't know why he's there, all you know is that your tormentor is in front of you.
The pain and fear comes all back to you at once, and you lash out without thinking.
you happened to be in the kitchen when the knock came, so you have a knife in your hands.
the man is hurt, but not severely injured.
he claims he hadn't known it was you in that house...
he had just moved in and was trying to meet his new neighbours.

He also claims that he's changed. You have no proof, so...
The nightmare begins again.

Now, let's just say, for the record that he actually HAS changed. How many victims do you see?

My answer? TWO.

YOU are the victim of a terrible person.
HE was the victim of his past mistakes.

IMO, he deserved the injury. I'm not saying that it was RIGHT of you to injure him, but I DO think you had a justifiable reason to lash out.

The same thing with Jae and the stalker. No, what he did wasn't "right", but this is NOT a case where there is just ONE victim, so when you dump all the blame on Jae for hitting a woman...YOU are victim blaming, too.

Pot, meet Kettle.


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