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Okay, I wasn't going to say anything about this, but I guess, I kinda feel that I should:S

(for those of you with triggers when it comes to stalkers or violence, you might wanna skip this)

Regarding the whole thing with Jaejoong & Yoochun vs Sasaengs...

Okay, some of you who know me, may or may not, laugh when I say that I do NOT condone violence. I tend to SPEAK violently, I know, but in person, unless you're hurting someone, or threatening them, I'm pretty much tame as a pussy cat.

I don't go out looking for fights, but I am willing to fight one that has been brought to my doorstep.

That said, I'll start with Yoochun:

According to a couple different sources, the person he supposedly hit was 1) actually trying to slap him in the face; & 2) a known sasaeng (aka: batshit crazy person that likes to stalk certain celebrities).

It was also at the end of a long day, and the man was just trying to get HOME. A couple videos makes it look like he smacked her upside the head, others made it look like he pulled her hair, and a couple OTHERS showed that he was BLOCKING HER hand from smacking HIM.

You can choose which one to believe. Personally, even if he DID smack her upside the head, I'm sorry, but I can't blame him all that damn much, cause I can tell you, even without condoning violence, if someone was stalking MY ass, and then blocking the way to my HOME, that person would get a lot worse than that from me.

Being a celebrity does NOT mean you should no longer be able to feel safe in your OWN HOME, nor does it mean that you should have to wade through a group of people all trying to grope your private areas (as well as anything else they can reach) just to get to said home.

Could you imagine that? Seriously, you're 20 feet away from your front door. There's a hundred people between you and that door. As you try to push your way home, there are hands grabbing your ass, tits, etc, and then when you FINALLY get to the door...there's someone there that tries to slap you across the face. You block the blow, get inside the house, finally feel a measure of security...and then you remember the night you woke up and there was a stranger standing in your kitchen, or bent over the bed trying to kiss you.

No violence isn't the answer, but I don't care who you are, EVERYONE has a trigger, and when that trigger has been pressed and SUppressed for 9 years...eventually it IS going to blow. Some people might internalize those explosions, which CAN then lead to mental breakdowns; and some people explode OUTSIDE.

Nine years of being pressed, and he MIGHT'VE slapped a stalker upside the head? Sorry folks, you want someone else to join you in the "omg, I hate him now" parade, you're looking in the wrong place here.

Now, for the Jaejoong audio:

First's all AUDIO. Sorry, but for me, I need visual proof. Show me a video of him doing this, and then we'll see.

No matter, video or not, in both of these cases, I am telling you now, I am sick to fucking DEATH of the double standards.

To the people bitching about the guys hitting *WOMEN*, try this: replace all the "female", "woman" "girl", etc, with the word "STALKER", because bottom line, that's what this is about.

A stalking VICTIM lashed out against their VICTIMIZER.

If it had been a woman who fought back against a male stalker, it'd all turn into "omg, that poor woman! I can't believe that guy! What a pervert/asshole!", etc etc.., and you guys know it.

Double standards are wrong.

What's good for the goose can suit the gander just fucking fine.

I know some of you are victims in your own right, and I am NOT arguing that you don't have the right to feel the way you do, especially when it comes to violence, but before ANY of you try to sit there and say that I shouldn't talk about what I don't know, here's a news flash: I DO know.

I know the long term effects that domestic abuse has on victims. (Cousins & adopted siblings)

I know the long term effects that SEXUAL abuse has on victims. (Mother, sister, adopted siblings, cousins, best friends.)

I know the long term effects that VERBAL abuse has on victims. (mother, cousins, adopted siblings, cousins, best friends)

and I know DAMN well the long term effects that STALKING has on a victim.

My sister was almost kidnapped out of her bed one night, and THEN she was stalked when she was still a teenager, and I was a baby. The man called all the time, at her work and at home. She ended up putting money out to get her own private line to try and stop him from calling.

It didn't work.

He knew when she was working, what time she got off, how long it took for her to get home, when our parents were home, what time THEY left for work and got home, etc. The cops couldn't ctach him. I don't remember how she escaped, whether we moved, or if the guy just got tired of his lil game or what.

My sister is turning 42 tomorrow. She has a gun (licensed, of course), and she is STILL scared to go places alone.

Knowing the dark places her mind goes to when anyone she cares about goes somewhere alone is enough to not wish that on ANYONE. Male or female, and I am NOT about to condemn a person for lashing out after NINE years worth of it.

...this is NOT how I wanted to end this, but I don't have a choice. I'll try to edit more tomorrow or something. -_-*
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