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another sucky past couple days (including the tsunami, but I've heard from everyone I know over there, so I'm trying to put that against the suckass stuff:P), something good though (in a MUAHHAHAHAHHA way):

turns out sis & her hubby was never actually fired.

they found out a couple days ago when Dave was talking to Jimmy...he said something about "well, when we were fired.." and Jimmy told him "wait, what? you were never fired..."

which makes a LOT more sense than what HAD been going on. Jimmy does NOT answer the call from someone he's fired, and he answered the phone when Dave called him. He also does NOT send over faxes saying "We were glad to have you while we wishes in your future endeavors!" (paraphrased).

so yeah. we think that what happened is Carol was trying to make it look like they walked out on Jimmy, cause SHE's the one that came to the store to tell them the news, and while she was there, she took a phone call from Michelle (in Jimmy's office...also, the one that I was considering being a surrogate mom for), and told her "it's 9:45 and he's not here..."

Dave was right there next to her, but didn't know who she was talking to, so he thought she was saying that JIMMY wasn't there yet.

so yeah. we knew that Carol hates sis anyway, and that she wanted the store her and Dave were running, but we didn't realize just how bad until the other day.

from what we understand now, Jimmy had already planned on moving sis and fam to this other store...that's probably what he meant when Dave asked him "how can you do this?" and Jimmy said "well, you've been there a while, I figure you've gotten a little stagnant, so it was time to move on..."

anyway...yeah, you can bet we're all not happy with that woman.

and Kristy and I have been having some hellacious blow ups lately. she was actually SCREAMING at me the other day...if it hadn't been for the kids, I would've decked her. I was PISSED. even BRIAN said something to her about all the yelling she's done lately =O

quite interesting. was also interesting when Koda told me today "mommy say it not matter what you say", and then "You not yell at me! I yell at you, you not yell at me!" (which is paraphrasing what Kristy was screaming).

anyway...we talked earlier today. cleared some things up. we're gonna try something new to get along, heh. hopefully it works. if not, at least...


yup, that's right...we finally got the room done:D the walls are up, anyway, lol. I'm actually typing this up IN my room:D

it's not painted, and there flooring is just the cement garage floor, but next month I'll pay buy some paint and get to making this place look livable~

I'll try to remember to take some before and after pics, but no promises:P

anddddddd, on that's a meme and then: GOODNIGHT:D

don't remember who I ganked this from anymore. -_-;; sorry^_^;;

A is for Age: 28 (dammit)

B is for Beer of choice: none, tyvm. the smell of it makes me literally sick x_x

C is for Career: childcare~

D is for favourite Drink: cream soda :X

E is for Essential item you use everyday: lotion (Johnson's body care "Melt away stress" Lavender & Chamomile to be exact~ *needs to buy more*)

F is for Favourite song at the moment: *dies* Aladdin & the King of Thieves - In or Out

...don't ask.

G is for favourite Game: ...what kind? :S compy: sims3, consoles: the Xeno games (Xenogears & Xenosaga) & Rock Band. board: monopoly and/or sorry:X. cards: rummy and/or uno muahahahha.

H is for Home town: Baltimore, MD

I is for Instruments you play: none

J is for favourite Juice: apple?

K is for Kids: yes please:D

L is for Last kiss: Koda or Nathan...I forget which, lol

M is for marriage: not yet~

N is for full Name: Nunya Biz

O is for Overnight hospital stays: ...I'm not sure if they kept me overnight for my eye accident or not:S

P is for phobias: phobias, none...I hate bugs & spiders and thunder though:S and if you get near me with a needle, I'll shove it up your ass:P

Q is for quote:
sung lyrics: "全てを信じて" (believe everything/believe in everything)
written lyrics: "奇跡を信じて" (believe miracles/believe in miracles)
overall impression: believe that everything is a miracle/believe in the miracle of everything
Gackt - Oasis

R is for biggest Regret: not living more, not caring more.

S is for sports: ...if you know me, you're already skipping this question.

T is for Time you wake up: too damn early. 8:30-8:49am everyday except sunday

U is for colour of underwear: I forget atm...o.O

V is for Vegetable you love: corn+broccoli+cabbage:D

W is for Worst Habit: too many to name. -_-;;

X is for X-rays you've had: teeth...eye...maybe? other than that, I dunno:S

Y is for Yummy food you make: whatever I call out for XD

Z is for zodiac sign: virgo


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