Apr. 26th, 2011

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okay, quickie update...I have old pics to post, but that'll have to wait for the weekend x_x

I am made of fail:
still undecided on whether or not I broke my toe, lol. I accidentally kicked the corner of the fridge about a week or so ago and my toe was NOT happy.

Kristy said she thinks it's broke; Brian said it wasn't...I'm beginning to think Brian might be right, cause I'm pretty sure a broke toe would hurt longer than this did:P


okay, to make this quick and easy, doing this partly convo-ish style:

Sunday night: us = severe thunderstorm warning + tornado watch
Brian went to park the van in one of the storage units to protect it from hail damage, and while he was out doing that, Kristy stepped outside to smoke and wait for him. (I forget what I was doing, but I was in the kitchen and I heard Kristy call me.

Kristy: "If I say grab the kids...GRAB THE KIDS!"
Me: um....okay...why, what's wrong?
Kristy: I think that's a fucking tornado!
Me: WHAT?! *runs looks*
Kristy: *points* That looks like a fucking TORNADO!
Me: ...fuck.

I cleaned out the closet in Kristy's room and piled couch cushions, my mp3 player (with radio), flashlights, and our e-readers (to keep updated on the storm in case we had to bunker down), my phone and blankets.

then I was trying to figure out how to make sure Koda would go to the closet if we needed her to without fighting or freaking out, and..well, I r smrt:D

she was still awake through all this, so I went over and told her "we might be playing hide-and-seek in a lil bit, if mommy says it's okay, and I know the PERFECT place to hide~ So if mommy says we can play, I'll come in and get you and baby brother, and we'll all go hide, okay?"

it worked, so yay for that, lol, but even MORE yay...the funnel cloud went back up:D as far as we know of, it never touched ground, so it wasn't officially a tornado, but it was damn near close enough for me. -_-*

we were also apparently the only ones that noticed it...well, Denise said she thought she saw something, but wasn't sure, so we might have one other person, but either way, NOT happy.

I ended up barely sleeping at ALL that night. I told Kristy that I had barely slept and asked if she could come home when Denise came into work so I could try and get a cat nap. She wasn't happy, but she understood that I had been too jumpy to sleep that night and was glad that I told her instead of just playing it off, so she came home and I napped from about 11 til 2 *_*

she kinda pissed me off afterwards though...I get weather alerts on my phone for severe stuff, and when I woke up, there was a severe thunderstorm warning, so I got on the comp just long enough to check the weather/radar, and then went to get my "inside" clothes on. (Brian's allergic to the cats, so I have to change clothes going from my room to the house -_-*)

she asked if I got any sleep, told her yes, and then she says "uh-huh...you were playing on your computer."

...I used to go a couple days with very little sleep and still be able to function properly...if I'm tired enough to ask Kristy to stay home cause "I *NEED* sleep", I am NOT going to waste time fucking around on a computer. I am going to get my ass in my BED and take a dhfsk damn NAP like I SAID I was gonna do!


...okay, and now, goodnight:D

AND my xenosaga games:D Now I just need controllers
and I want Final Fantasy 10 & 12 *_*


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